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Galaxy Tulips Arrangement in a Full Moon Stone Vase

Galaxy Tulips Arrangement in a Full Moon Stone Vase

Our decorative stone vase, which has an appearance similar to the texture of the moon's surface, inspired us in this special arrangement we prepared based on the beauty of the full moon.

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Galaxy Tulips Arrangement in a Full Moon Stone Vase

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Product Description

Our arrangement in the concrete-looking Stone Vase was designed with 10 special galaxy Tulips, 2 orange Lucas, 2 orange Vanda Orchid, 7 Blue Thorns, Eucalyptus leaves and dried flowers.

We always carefully select the most beautiful and fresh flowers of the season for you, however, the flowers of our arrangements may differ slightly depending on the season and design suitability.

Vase shape may vary depending on stock availability.

In case of possible changes, you will be contacted and informed.

Galaxy Tulips are much different, much more special than the tulips we can see almost everywhere. The colors that make it so pleasant are actually obtained by a special flower coloring method. Thus, the tulips, which we are accustomed to yellow, pink or white, take on galaxy-like colors, just like the name we give them.

In a vase or as a bouquet, Galaxy Tulips are one of our most special designs that you can present to your loved ones. Tulips can be more closed or more open-looking. It can also be prepared as an arrangement according to your preference.


In our Deluxe Collection;

Galaxy Tulips Arrangement in a Full Moon Stone Vase;

Small Boy is an arrangement.

Vase Size: Height 17 cm, diameter 12 cm

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