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The day doesn't have to be special to make someone happy. Sometimes one should be able to rejoice only when someone is happy. To think about someone, to value them. To make them feel valuable. Sending a flower that will surprise them and make their day more beautiful at an unexpected moment. Perhaps a flower in a vase. A gift that makes you feel how much you care about them, makes you think extremely beautiful, and add color to the days of your loved ones. A nice gesture to your spouse, loved one. Maybe a meaningful move to congratulate a friend on his new job. Making someone you know who has a bad day smile. A flower in a vase that can make everyone happy with more.

Flowers in the vase can sometimes translate what you want to say but cannot say. Flowers have a language and have the power to express all emotions in their purest form. Flowers, which are one of the most beautiful ways of expressing emotions, will add a pleasant image and spaciousness to the area to be placed. You can choose the flowers in the vase you need from our site and order them quickly.

When Flower Vase Will Be Preferred

When deciding to buy a flower, we usually think about the purpose of that flower as a gift. Just as we should not go to a visit with a bouquet of roses, we cannot always prefer a flower in a vase. It is customary to go to the pre-marriage request ceremony with a flower. You can create a more magnificent and elegant image with the request flower in the vase you will take that day.

A flower in a vase that you take to congratulate a newly born mother in her hospital or home and to be with her on this happy day will be a very nice act. Flowers such as orchids, tulips or lilies that will be preferred in the vase will add a beautiful harmony with their pleasant scent and elegant appearance.

As Ribbon Flowers, we are happy to make every moment of our valued customers special with our vase flower options, which we try to share every moment of our life and can make those who never leave us alone, always feel special. If you want to live every moment special, you can browse the vase and flower options on our site and order the ones you like safely and quickly.

How Long Does a Flower in a Vase Live?

Like any living flower, you need to pay attention to certain rules for the flower you will care for in the vase.

  • You should keep the inside of your vase as clean as possible.
  • Cut the bottom of the branches of the flowers in the vase for 3-5 days in a diagonal way with a 3 cm sharp knife.
  • Change the water in the vase strictly every 3-4 days.
  • Avoid placing your vase in areas exposed to direct sunlight.
  • You should adjust the amount of water you will put in your vase well. Too much water can cause your flowers to rot. Half a liter of water will be sufficient for flowers in a normal size vase. If there are flowers in a larger vase, increase the amount of water. The lower branches should be softened with water so that the flowers do not fade in the vase. This will prevent your flower from absorbing more water and will keep it alive for a long time.
  • You can obtain flower foods sold for flowers in a vase. It is dissolved in water and added to the vase. It is one of the options to prevent the flower fading in the vase.

If you want to have better times with flowers that add meaning to our lives, you can take a look at all flower categories on our site.