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Orange Pink 20 Tulips in Pink Box

Orange Pink 20 Tulips in Pink Box

Make your loved ones happy with the tulips in the pink velvet box, which is reminiscent of a tulip garden with its pink, orange colors.

6895 TL

Product Description

In the light pink color velvet cylinder box there are about 18-20 pieces of orange, pink tulips and yellow ball flowers.

We always carefully select the most beautiful and fresh flowers of the season for you, however, the flowers of our arrangements may differ according to the season and design suitability. In case of possible changes, you will be contacted and informed.

Box color and shape may vary depending on stock availability.

Tulips in a Pink Box

Tulips in a Pink Box are among the most beautiful and stylish gifts you can send to your loved ones!

Attracting attention with their elegance, tulips are unique flowers that gave their name to a period. Tulips, which always come to the fore with their beauty, have thick petals on a durable stem. Tulips, which have a perfect beauty, can be preferred both as a celebration gift on happy days and as a consolation flower in sad times.

Ribbon Flowers offers you tulips, each more stylish and durable than the other. One of them is Tulips in a Pink Box, which attracts attention with its unique beauty. With its stylish box, you can order these products with a single click, which will both create a decorative look and make your loved ones very happy.

Tulips Symbol of Elegance

Tulips, a symbol of elegance, are perfectly included in Ribbon Flowers' product portfolio. These flowers, which are in a velvet box with pink and orange colors and a light pink color, will add a perfect look to any environment. You can make your loved ones very happy with these products that have a heartwarming beauty. Ribbon Flowers products, which have a pure beauty with fresh flowers, are offered to you with the most special designs.

Tulips in a Pink Box, included in the tulip collection, have a perfect look that will melt everyone's heart. You can easily use these products prepared and offered by expert florists for any kind of delivery. You can express that these products are ideal to surprise your loved ones.

Gifts to Make Your Loved Ones Happy

Everyone wants to make their loved ones happy on various special occasions. For this reason, the most preferred gifts are undoubtedly flowers. One of these flowers is tulips. You can send Tulips in a Pink Box, which attracts attention with its stylish and unique design, to your loved ones for various reasons. You can choose Tulip in Pink Box models on special occasions such as wedding anniversary, meeting anniversary, valentine's day, birthday or just because you feel like it. All you have to do is contact us to create your order and send the perfect gift for your loved ones.


Box Size: 18 cm in height, 18 cm in diameter

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