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Pastel Luxe Gold Chocolate Tray

Pastel Luxe Gold Chocolate Tray

Cappuccino roses and white tulips and a chocolate tray in the clarity of pastel tones...

$ 79

Pastel Luxe Gold Chocolate Tray

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Product Description

Half of the hexagonal gold mirror-plexiglass tray is designed as a flower arrangement, and half of it is designed as chocolate and dragee in the covered compartment.

In the first compartment, there are 4 cappucino roses, 4 white tulips and white and brown dried flowers.

In the second compartment, there are 8 gold-coated chocolate hazelnuts and 10-15 gold-colored dragee candies.

We always carefully select the most beautiful and fresh flowers of the season for you, however, the flowers of our arrangements may differ according to the season and design suitability. In case of possible changes, you will be contacted and informed.


Our Pastel Luxe Gold Mirror Chocolate Tray in our Minimal Collection;

Medium Size chocolate&flower...

20 cm length, 10 cm hexagonal edge

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