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Personalized Black Vase 13 Red Roses

Personalized Black Vase 13 Red Roses

You can make a romantic and special surprise for your loved ones with a magnificent arrangement of red roses in a stylish black vase specially prepared for their name.

3195 TL

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Personalized Black Vase 13 Red Roses

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Product Description

Personalized Black Vase 13 Red Roses 

Enjoy the privilege of having a special flower for you with Red Roses in a Personalized Vase!

Roses, and especially red roses, stand out as the most meaningful choice for a woman. The most important features that distinguish roses from other flower options are their visual appeal as well as their pleasant scent and the meaning they offer. In this respect, would you like to consider the arrangement in a personalized vase made of red roses as a quality alternative? An option that is of high quality, makes a difference with its visuality and provides perfection in the environment with its pleasant smell! Then, it's time to open the door to this alternative that will make your loved ones happy without wasting any time!

The Name of Perfect Beauty: Red Roses in a Personalized Vase

Although choosing roses is a life-saving alternative for men, not every rose has the same meaning. Because you can make your loved one feel that you have very different feelings with a unique vase made of red roses. In order to capture the alluring beauty of red roses and the provocativeness of red, you should experience the privilege of Red Roses in a Personalized Vase.

A very special arrangement prepared with 13 red equatorial roses and greenery in a black painted vase with a personalized name.

Please write the name to be written on the vase. For orders not specified, the recipient's name will be written on the vase.

We always carefully select the most beautiful and fresh flowers of the season for you, however, the flowers of our arrangements may vary depending on the season and design suitability.

In case of any possible changes, we will contact you and inform you.

While it contains the most special shades of red, it also meets expectations thanks to the vase designed in accordance with its name. Moreover, being a personalized gift brings up very different emotions for the person receiving the gift. If you want to tell the person you want to make happy how special he is, you should not neglect to evaluate this very valuable alternative.

Same Day Delivery Flower Order in Istanbul

As someone who wants to order flowers in Istanbul, do you want to benefit from same-day delivery options? Then you should start experiencing the advantages of Ribbon Flowers. We respond to every request within the framework of professional flower service and bring you the perfection of flowers. In this way, all you have to do is open the door to the privileges of ordering flowers.

If you are wondering what kind of experience you will have with Red Roses in a Personalized Vase, your order will be prepared with fresh and natural roses. It is delivered to the address without wasting any time and is delivered by our friendly staff. Quality in delivery and previous processes is the issue that Ribbon Flowers values most.


From our Minimal Category;

"Personalized Black Vase 13 Red Roses "

It is a Mini Arrangement.

Vase Size: Height: 12 cm Mouth Diameter: 9 cm

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