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Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Tray

Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Tray

Give your loved ones the sweetest version of saying 'Happy Birthday' with the combination of silver chocolate and colorful fresh flowers.

1995 TL

Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Tray

1995,00 TL & Ücretsiz Teslimat
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Product Description

There are 6 silver coated hazelnut raisin milk chocolates in a silver mirror plexiglass tray with a 'Happy Birthday' note card.

It is prepared with colorful fresh flowers and dried flowers.

Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Tray

The ideal way to say happy birthday to your loved ones Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Tray!

Instead of wasting your time thinking about an ordinary birthday gift, you should take action with better quality alternatives. Visually perfect, flowers that make you fall in love with their fragrant scent, and the palate-crunching taste of chocolate! Thanks to this gift that brings all the beauties together, you don't have to think about what to get the person I love. Because you will be able to experience the privilege of presenting this wonderful birthday gift to your loved ones.

It is clear that this gift, which will take you from you with its colors, will make your loved ones happy too! Then start evaluating the most suitable options for you without wasting time. Open the door to what you need thanks to the perfect visuality of lilac roses, orchids and dried flowers!

A Perfect Alternative in Every Way: Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Tray

If buying flowers for your birthday is not enough for you, you can take the flower to a whole new level with chocolate. Thanks to the combination of visual perfection with pleasant smells and taste, you will have made an exquisite choice. Open the door to action with Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Tray, a very special alternative offered by Ribbon Flowers!

It is imperative that you evaluate this gift in order to bring you the perfection you need as well as being an extraordinary gift. Because Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Mini Chocolate will not only make you happy, it will also deepen your feelings for you!

Quality Flower Order in Istanbul

If you want to have a perfect experience by ordering flowers in Istanbul, you should meet with quality flowers. Ribbon Flowers manages to offer you not only quality but also the beauty you need visually. With Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Tray, it is possible to choose not only flowers but also a perfect gift! So, without wasting time, start identifying what is the most suitable alternative for you.

Use the time correctly, thanks to our team that delivers flowers on the same day in Istanbul. Last minute orders will not worry you. Because our team responds in the best way to all solutions related to flower order in Istanbul with its fast and high quality solutions.


In our Minimal Collection

"Happy Birthday Colorful Flower Tiny Chocolate Trays" ;

Mini Size is a chocolate tray.

Plexi Size: 14 cm x 11 cm

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