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Earthenware Handmade Ceramic Cube Vase

Earthenware Handmade Ceramic Cube Vase

Completely handmade, designed exclusively for RIBBON by "Hande Şahinkaya", the founder of Hande Ceramic Studio;

You can immortalize your flower gifts by making them unique with the "Earthenware Handmade Ceramic Cube Vase", one of the most beautiful pieces of our "Ceramic Collection"...

2895 TL

Earthenware Handmade Ceramic Cube Vase

2895,00 TL & Ücretsiz Teslimat
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Product Description

Our Earthenware Handmade Ceramic Cube Vase;

  • If you wish, you can make your gift permanent by choosing it as an additional gift to the basket when sending special flowers to your loved ones.
  • If you wish, you can have a special flower design made for the vase by purchasing only the vase.
    (For the selection and pricing of flowers; you can contact us on our whatsapp 0 535 462 68 90)

In order to make a sample arrangement designed with our vase and to compare vase size easily; we have added the collective collection photo to the product for you.

You can find other pieces and sets of our handcrafted ceramic vase collection here and take advantage of the discount opportunity when purchasing together.


In our Vase Collection;

"Earthenware Handmade Ceramic Cube Vase";

Large Size vase.

Vase Size: Mouth Diameter: 9 cm, Height: 23 cm, Biggest Diameter: 13 cm

(Small variations may occur as it is completely handmade)

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