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Flowers of the Zodiac: Gemini


We have entered the era of Gemini people, who are social butterflies! Being a member of the air group, Gemini puts communication at the forefront in almost every aspect of his life. People of this sign, who have the ability to think quickly with their sharp intelligence, do not hesitate to take action in a short time. It shouldn't surprise us that the intellectual people we see around us are Gemini.

Gemini people, who love change and difference, expect this from their environment. In the same environment all the time, activities that can be called routine will bore them after a while. Gemini people, who can easily make friends with their sweet-tongued nature, are very popular in the environment.

The fact that they are hungry and willing to learn at any age and in every period makes them different. Emotionality is often secondary to them and they act with their logic. They like to be with people who are smart like themselves, will not limit their freedom and are social.

Gemini Flowers

If you, too, want to give a special gift to your Gemini loved ones on their birthdays, this article is for you! The answers to the questions of which flowers do Gemini like, what are the flowers of the Gemini sign are here!


Roses have a special and meaningful place for almost everyone. Roses are a type of flower that we all love with their colorful and timeless nature. Gemini people have a colorful personality just like roses. You can make a difference with a bouquet of roses that you will present to your Gemini loved one!


Carnation flowers, one of the symbols of respect, admiration and love, will be a great gift for your Gemini loved ones.


Lavender, which fascinates everyone with its magnificent scent, is one of the flower types that are identified with the Gemini zodiac sign. Carnations, symbol of passion and calmness, will be identified with the character of Gemini.


The symbol of beauty and success, poppies attract us with their unique colors. Just like Gemini people... You can make your Gemini loved ones happy with this unique, original and pure flower type.

We have compiled a few of the products of Ribbon Flowers that are identified with Gemini people for you...

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