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Valentine's Day: Meaning, Story and History


Valentine's Day is celebrated every year in various parts of the world. February 14, the day it is celebrated, is another expression representing this tradition, which has continued from ancient times to the present day. February 14, known as Valentine's Day in Turkey, is actually Saint Valentine's Day declared by Pope Gelasius, and Saint Valentine is commemorated on this day. However, in Turkey and most parts of the world, February 14 is celebrated as Valentine's Day.

When is February 14 Valentine's Day?
Every year on February 14, Valentine's Day is celebrated by large masses in many parts of the world. That being the case, “When is Valentine's Day?” The answer to the question is quite clear. In the current year 2023, this day coincides with Tuesday. The day on which this date coincides may vary each year.


Making your loved ones happy on this meaningful day will make you happy too. February 14, Valentine's Day, is a day to remember and be reminded of the special person you see as your lover. You can create a pleasant memory for your loved one with a small bunch of flowers, gifts and surprises. Even in long distance relationships, a small gift gives a lot of happiness. Even if you can't be together physically, it is of great importance to create a smile on the face of the person in your life.

What is Valentine's Day?

“What is Valentine's Day?” We can answer the question as follows: It is a unique day where you can celebrate your togetherness with your partner, who has a special place in your life. If you want to have an idea about affordable, special and creative Valentine's Day gifts to evaluate this beautiful day, you can review the list below:

Having breakfast with your lover is ideal to create a very pleasant memory.
Later in the day, you can do indoor activities with your loved one, and gift him/her a bunch of his/her favorite flowers.
You can go for a romantic walk.
In the evening, you can dine in a romantic atmosphere.
If you don't want to cook and get tired, you can take your lover out to a nice dinner.
When you come home, you can present a bunch of red roses and enjoy the moment in an environment adorned with rose petals that you have prepared beforehand.
Gifting bouquets of flowers on Valentine's Day may seem classic, but it's a thoughtful gift. Spending a good time together and enjoying the moment are among the most valuable gifts on special occasions. You can find elegant Valentine's Day specially designed valentine flower bouquets that will make your loved one feel special, on Ribbon Flowers.

Why is February 14 Valentine's Day?

February 14 is known as "St. Valentine's Day", but also as Valentine's Day. However, contrary to popular belief, there is not much in common between these two special cases, except for their names. So, why is February 14 celebrated as Valentine's Day?

English poet Chaucer is the first to combine February 14 with the romantic movement. The poet lived in the 14th century and observed February 14 as the date when birds choose their mates. For this reason, Chaucer's romantic point of view is told from those days to today as the story of February 14 Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day Meaning

The meaning of Valentine's Day may differ according to social life. In some Western civilizations, the word "Valentine" means "beloved", "liked", "person who is deeply loved". However, according to the Roman Catholic Church belief, February 14, “St. It is known as "Valentine's Day". Its meaning is known as "Saint Valentine's Day".

These commemoration days, which serve two different meanings and purposes, are celebrated differently by different communities. In many western societies and Turkey, various small gestures are made on Valentine's Day to make the lover feel special. Couples who like each other make little surprises for each other on this special day. Married, beloved, engaged or verbal couples accumulate good memories at special meetings such as dinner.

Valentine's Day Story and History

The history of Valentine's Day dates back to ancient times. Days that fall in the middle of February were associated with romance in ancient times. The sacred union of Hera and Zeus in the ancient Greek calendar is dedicated to this special time.

For Lupercus, known as the "God of Fertility" in Ancient Rome, Lupercalia Day coincides with February 15. Likewise, on February 14, on the eve of Lupercalia Day, it was customary for young males to draw the names of young girls by drawing lots and to be knights during the feast. These traditions, which have changed from ancient times to the present, have revealed the 14 February Valentine's Day, which is celebrated today, and has continued for centuries.





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