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The Ritz Carlton Nobu Suite at RIBBON Ikebana Workshop


As Ribbon, one of the things we enjoy the most is the flower workshops we prepare inspired by the theme of the event at special launches.
Shaping our creative designs together with the guests and creating different beauties such as everyone's own signature affects and inspires us.
We are also very excited about the various workshops that we will hold in our new studio, which will be moved to Etiler very soon, and we can't wait to bring them together with you.

The last event we attended last night was the special launch of the "Lavender Rose" tea mix, prepared to be presented to the guests of The Ritz Cartlon Istanbul, at Nobu Istanbul Suite.

Floral designs were prepared with the philosophy of Ikebana, the Japanese flower arrangement art, inspired by the rose and lavender flowers in the tea blend specially blended by House of Waris for the Ritz Cartlon Istanbul.


A part of our new vase collection designed for Ribbon by Hande Ceramic Studio was used in the ikebana flower design prepared by Buse Üçer. Our vase collection will be on sale on our website very soon…

In this special launch, we would like to tell you a little about Ikebana, the Japanese flower arrangement philosophy we adopted while preparing our flowers.

This philosophy, which means "living flowers" or "the state of flowers", can be defined as taking flowers from nature and keeping them alive in various places in large and small sizes. It is believed that an art emerges as a result of the synthesis of our brain and soul while keeping the flower alive. Ikebana also means balancing the material and the spiritual.

This philosophy, which consists of minimalist arrangements, has come to life in contemporary and decorative designs. It can come in many different styles. It is created by placing flowers symmetrically into materials such as vases, trays, bowls.

Ikebana flower arranging art is basically seen in two different styles. These styles are vertical and horizontal ikebana.

Vertical Ikebana

It has a style of seven branches. It usually refers to the beauty of nature. The added branches represent mountains, rivers, valleys, etc. Represent. In the past, this style was used by priests and aristocrats. The plant or flower used is designed with the aim of maintaining its own existence.

Horizontal Ikebana

This style usually includes trilogies. Go on the symbol of mother, father, child or world, god, human. In this arrangement, a work of art emerges by adding creativity on top of what appears in nature. While preparing these designs, it is thought to be a kind of therapy, as it is believed that the colors and scents of flowers are spiritually resting.



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