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Succulent Garden Oval Deluxe

Succulent Garden Oval Deluxe

Give your loved ones a miniature garden with succulents completed with a wonderful flowerpot.

1995 TL

Succulent Garden Oval Deluxe

1995,00 TL & Ücretsiz Teslimat
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Product Description

Prepared using 7-8 pieces of succulent in oval concrete pot.

The bright environment without sunlight is suitable for succulents. They can live long without needing too much water. According to the moisture requirement of the soil, you can irrigate by spraying method.

Note: Different species of the same plant family can be used depending on the stock status.

Succulent Garden Oval Deluxe

One of the options where visuality reaches a perfect level is Sukulent Garden Oval Deluxe.

If you want to include quality in your living space, one of the most preferred alternatives will undoubtedly be the privileges of Sukulent Garden Oval Deluxe. The fact that it is an elegant but also an option that will meet your expectations makes this flower different from the others. You can enjoy the advantages of meeting your accessory needs with a succulent that combines luxury and modernity.

You can achieve ideal results thanks to this perfect option that will be integrated into your living space with a unique flowerpot. With 7-8 succulents placed in an oval concrete flowerpot, you will be able to achieve the most special form of visuality. Moreover, it will be possible to achieve perfection with this product you buy.

A Perfect Alternative: Sukulent Garden Oval Deluxe

What is the option that will best meet your expectations visually? Sukulent Garden Oval Deluxe really opens the door to be a successful alternative compared to other flower options. An elegant gift or a remarkable accessory to buy for yourself! Whatever your purpose, enjoy the privileges of benefiting from this exquisite option!

Show that you made your succulent choice by prioritizing quality, not with a random option. If you value flowers and accessories in every sense, you should not forget that the alternatives you choose will meet your expectations in real terms. Because, as Ribbon Flowers, we do our part in this regard.

Quality Flower Order in Istanbul

Do you want your flowers to meet your expectations? Then you should try to open the door to an exquisite option prepared thanks to Ribbon Flowers. Our team, which prefers fresh, high quality and natural flowers, puts your satisfaction above everything else. Moreover, we take care to meet your needs in the best way by preparing the orders to be delivered on the same day.

It will be possible to create the most suitable flower order for you and make the ideal choice in favor of quality. You can take action by choosing the most ideal option for you without wasting time. As the best florist in Istanbul, we promise you quality and high standards.


Vazo Boyutu: Yükseklik: 12 cm Genişlik: 40 cm x18 cm

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