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Red roses in a huge bouquet, daisies that bring the joy of spring, orchids representing the nobility, colorful peonies, elegant and gentle looking tulips and many flower varieties are at Ribbon Flowers! You can choose the product you want among the special flowers, bouquets and arrangements for the reason of delivery and create your order. In this way, you will present a stylish and wonderful gift to your loved ones.

Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special With Ribbon Flowers on Important Days

Flowers and plants are among the most beautiful gifts sent to make your loved ones happy. Each flower has a meaning according to the reason it was sent. For example, the type of flower sent to a close friend is different from the type of flower sent to a lover or spouse. Therefore, it is necessary to do a detailed research before choosing a flower to be a gift. Some flower types that are among the flower types according to the purpose of sending can be listed as follows:

  • Flowers to be sent to a lover or spouse include roses packaged in boxes, bouquets or arrangements. The number of roses can be determined according to the request of the sender.
  • Orchids, known for their elegant and stylish appearance, can be preferred for special occasions such as celebrations.
  • Daisies, which are admired by many with their warm and sincere appearance heralding the arrival of spring, are among the flowers sent for new workplace openings, promotions and congratulations.
  • Available in all colors, hydrangeas are a great choice for anniversary celebrations.
  • On important days such as weddings, orchids, hydrangeas and white roses can be chosen.
  • Tulips, orchids and dried flowers can be sent to convey your best wishes.

Ribbon Flowers prepares many bouquets and arrangement options that will make your loved ones feel special on important days. How about choosing the kind of flower you want and making your loved ones happy on their most beautiful days?

What are the Special Days You Can Send Flowers To Your Loved Ones?

Receiving a gift is one of the most important indicators of a person's importance. It makes people feel loved and remembered. If this gift is also a flower, it makes the person feel better with its beautiful energy. Gift flowers sent make special days more meaningful. The history of gifting flowers goes back to BC. Today, flowers are the most preferred thing to send gifts on special occasions. Some special days to send flowers are:

  • Valentine's Day : February 14, Valentine's Day, which is one of the most special days when couples show their love with gifts, is among the days where the most flowers are sent.
  • Mother's Day : It is one of the special days when flowers are sent to our mothers who have surrounded their children with their endless love since the day they were born.
  • Father's Day : Contrary to popular belief, sending flowers as a gift on Father's Day will be a meaningful choice.
  • Birthdays : Sending flowers on one of the most special days of a person, is the most elegant sign of love.
  • New Year : New Year is one of the most suitable days to convey our good wishes to our loved ones.
  • Teachers' Day: Flowers sent to show our respect and love to our dear teachers will be a great choice.
  • Anniversary: Uniquely beautiful anniversary flowers

It allows us to make our loved ones feel more special by sending flowers on these special days. In order to express your love in the most beautiful way, you can examine Ribbon Flowers products and choose the one you want among the wonderful flower and plant varieties.