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Happy Birthday Tiny Chocolate Tray Orange

Happy Birthday Tiny Chocolate Tray Orange

The box, where orange arbor roses and gold-plated hazelnut-raisin chocolates combine with their deliciousness, is for those looking for a different gift alternative.

1695 TL

Happy Birthday Tiny Chocolate Tray Orange

1695,00 TL & Ücretsiz Teslimat
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Product Description

There are 6 gold-coated milk chocolate with hazelnut and grape pieces in a gold mirror plexiglass tray. Made with orange mini roses, yellow balls and greens.

Happy Birthday Mini Chocolate Orange

Open the door to the Happy Birthday Mini Chocolate Orange privilege for the most special birthday celebration!

How about a perfect birthday celebration? It will be possible to get the privilege you need with a successful gift and alternatives that will make your loved ones happy. Moreover, crowning this gift with a taste that cracks the palate will bring perfection to the top. Happy Birthday Mini Chocolate Orange is an option that will meet all expectations in this regard. Thanks to this chocolate box, which stands out especially in terms of meeting the needs, roses will bloom on the face of the person you love!

Happy Birthday Mini Chocolate Orange for Birthday

Of course, the only way to make a woman happy is not to buy her flowers. When you crown the flower with different flavors such as chocolate and bring the visuality to the top, happiness will come by itself. As Ribbon Flowers, we know this detail very well and we strive to do our part. While meeting the flower needs with a different approach, we also offer various gift options to make your loved ones happy.

To say 'Happy Birthday' to your loved one in Istanbul, you should definitely choose Happy Birthday Mini Chocolate Orange. While carrying the meaning of the birthday to a completely different point, it would be good if you evaluate this gift, which is ideal in terms of visuality with orange and green. Moreover, the value of chocolates, which will provide the secretion of happiness hormones, will be different!

Address for Ordering Flowers in Istanbul: Ribbon Flowers

As Ribbon Flowers, we try to meet your expectations in the best way about flowers and gifts. While ensuring that you achieve perfection, we aim to satisfy you for a quality solution. A very short time after you place your order, Happy Birthday Mini Chocolate Orange, prepared for you, is on its way to the address.

It is possible to reach perfect service thanks to our friendly courier and our team that cares about your requests. Moreover, the solution-oriented approach to responding to needs makes it easier for us to respond to expectations. Get the perfect gift you need with Happy Birthday Mini Chocolate Orange! Achieve our solutions that will satisfy you with same day delivery advantages! Moreover, do not forget about the privileges of the service you will buy!


In our Minimal Collection

"Happy Birthday Mini Chocolate Orange" ;

Tiny Size is a chocolate tray.

Plexi Size: 14 cm x 11 cm

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