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Charley Blue Hydrangea Peony Bouquet

Charley Blue Hydrangea Peony Bouquet

A bouquet of peonies like candy...

8995 TL

Product Description

Charley Blue Hydrangea Peony Our bouquet includes 3 blue hydrangea, 10 white peonies, 4 salmon rose, traspi. 

We always carefully select the most beautiful and fresh flowers of the season for you, however, the flowers and colors of our arrangements may differ depending on the season and design suitability.

It may vary depending on the paper stock status.

In case of possible changes, you will be contacted and informed.

Peony Season is More Special with RIBBON!

The most vitally beautiful flowers of the spring season, peonies, are a great gift choice for your loved ones! Peony flowers, which can be in a wide variety of colors and patterns, add a completely different atmosphere to living spaces.

Peonies, which we know best with their pink color, allow you to recognize them even from afar with their magnificent scent. Although it looks like a multi-layered rose when fully opened, peonies are undoubtedly unique in nature.

Discover RIBBON's special collection designed with seasonal peonies, each more beautiful than the other! Colorful bouquets and basket arrangements of our rich peony collection will be your favorite this season.

The Freshest and Beautiful Peonies of the Season are at RIBBON!

Istanbul's leading luxury boutique flower delivery site, ribbonflowers.com, will be the right address for your loved ones in the new peony season!

The unique elegance of peonies gains meaning with RIBBON's delicately prepared specially designed bouquet and box arrangements... The way to surprise your loved ones is through RIBBON's peony collection!


Included in our Deluxe Collection

Charley Blue Hydrangea Peony Bouquet;

Medium Size bouquet.

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