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Symbol of the Infinty Love: 1001 Red Roses

Gifting flowers to your lover is one the most special ways to say “I love you”. Espicially the roses that diffiretes with its colors and numbers… Roses had always have graceful and rich image.

Roses have different meanings according to their colors and numbers. A rose that you will give to the other party on the first date means that you are excited. All three roses are among the number of roses that couples give each other the most. 101 roses signify that your love is one and only. What about 1001 roses?

A bouquet of 1001 roses is undoubtedly one of the most special gifts you can present to your loved one. You can express that your love is eternal and continuous with 1001 red roses. So it also means that your love has an endless limit.

As RIBBON, we beautify the romantic surprises you will make for the person you love with the freshest, all imported flowers of the season. You can place your 1001 rose bouquet order one week before the delivery date.


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