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Show Your Love With 101 Roses


Isn’t it the best way to show your lover how much you love her? You can make a romantic surprise to your lover with red roses, which became a love symbol for many societies and cultures.

Roses differate by their numbers and colors. For this reason, you should determine your occasion before. For example, distinctly from red roses, white roses show purity and purple roses show love at first sight.

We said that roses can have different meanings by their numbers. Espicially 101 roses are one of the most chosen gifts. Everyone wonders about what 101 red roses mean. If you gift you lover 101 roses bouquet, it means that he/she is the only one for you. Shortly, it’s a perfect way to say “i love you” to your lover.

A bouquet of 101 roses is one of the most preferred gifts for a girlfriend, engagement, marriage proposal and Valentine's Day. At the same time, 100 roses also have a special meaning. 100 roses that you will present to the person you love express that you want to be with them until they get old. With a bouquet of 100 roses, you can tell that your love is eternal.

For 100 rose bouquets and 101 rose bouquets, you can browse the products prepared by RIBBON with fresh flowers. You can create an order and make a wonderful surprise to your loved ones by receiving it on the same day.

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