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Movie Recommendations for Valentine's Day


You can make a special day with your spouse or lover enjoyable with movies. Every day is special, but if today is Valentine's Day, it is impossible not to blow the winds of romance. Moreover, it is possible to show your love with a flower you bought while watching a movie alone with him. But if you have a question mark about which movie to watch, you can read our content right away. We will help you have a great day by giving you movie suggestions for Valentine's Day.

What are the Most Preferred Valentine's Day Movie Topics?
When February 14 arrives, some couples choose to go out holding hands. Others want to spend this special day alone in a more intimate setting. Others may think that watching movies will be enjoyable. Here we have prepared a list of movies for Valentine's Day for those close to the last option. But don't forget to not only watch these movies, but also buy a flower that will make your soul mate live the movie you watched!

Before looking at the movies you will watch when Valentine's Day comes, let's talk about the general subject of these movies. As you can imagine, the majority of movies are about the power of love! You can watch the movies about the lovers who live their love freely, and the movies of the heroes who do not give up their love despite all the troubles. We are sure that you will have a hard time choosing among beautiful Valentine's Day movies.

What are Valentine's Day Movie Suggestions?
When it comes to movie suggestions for Valentine's Day, the options are quite a lot. Researching the subjects of these films one by one can tire you out a bit. We've made this a little easier for you. Here are a few suggestions:

P.S. I love you

After her illness, Gery makes an effort to make her husband's life easier. Before he dies, he writes letters to his wife, helping her to hold on to life. P.S I Love You is at the top of our list for Valentine's Day movie recommendations. Be sure to check out our P.S. I Love You Red Heart Mail Box Arrangement product.


You can watch this movie, which tells the love story of the lonely and creative writer, hand in hand with your lover. Don't forget to buy Her Vase Deluxe Red Rose Pink Tulip Arrangement with a wonderful flower arrangement while watching each of his movies.

  • Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice, which is about the love of two people who are completely unlike each other, has been translated into Turkish as Love and Pride. Until the end of the movie, you can watch how the prejudices of Elizabeth are broken with the pride of Mr. Darcy. You can spend February 14 watching this wonderful movie. You can also make a nice gesture to your lover with our Pride & Prejudice Grand Deluxe Cream Flower in Box product.

  • Sweet November

When it comes to Valentine's Day movie recommendations, it is impossible not to count the movie Sweet November. You can give the Sweet November Handmade Ceramic Vase in 7 Red Roses, which we prepared under the influence of the movie, which tells the story of a couple who are madly in love with each other, as a gift while watching the movie.

  • Titanic

Love is an immortal feeling and the movie that best describes it is, without a doubt, Titanic! You can see the sacrifice made for love in this movie that will take you back to the past. After watching the movie, don't forget to hug your lover and give the Titanic Copper Royal Deluxe Claret Red Lilac Arrangement you bought from Ribbon Flowers.

  • Ghost

Stabbed to death by a vagrant, Sam discovers life after his death. Then he goes to his wife. You can make the day more romantic with the Ghost Handcrafted Ceramic Vase Deluxe Red Rose Orchid, which you will give to your lover while watching the movie Ghost, which is a very emotional production.

  • UP

How about watching an animated movie with your girlfriend? Up begins with the story of a couple who have been in love since childhood. One day, when death separates them, Carl, who is withdrawn, clings to life thanks to the boy he just met. Up that adventure is lived to the fullest, it is the perfect option for this special day! Pink Lilac Flowers with Balloons and Handmade Dolls in UP Lilac Box are a wonderful gift.

  • Pretty Woman

Telling love from a different perspective, Pretty Woman is one of the great movies for Valentine's Day movie recommendations. You can gift a flower that will make you feel like a “Special Woman” while watching this movie with your lover. Pretty Woman Protea Banksia Lucas Tropical Bouquet, inspired by the movie, will make the day more special.

  • Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Claret Red Peony Black Roses Bouquet Limited Edition, which we prepared with the inspiration of Moulin Rouge, is a very suitable gift for your lover! This movie, which tells about the love of a poet for a dancer, should definitely be among the movies you can watch for February 14th. You can feel the striking combination of jealousy and innocence in this movie.

  • Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise Pink White Box Flower with Peony is an arrangement that we prepared by being influenced by the movie Before Sunrise. Jesse and Celine meet on a road trip. Then an extraordinary love happens.

  • LaLa Land

La La Land is the love story of two people whose paths unexpectedly cross. How can these two people, struggling to realize their dreams, touch each other's lives?

  • Before Sunset

Before Sunset tells the story of Jesse and Celine, who we met at Before Sunrise and got together after 9 years. On the train one day, writer Jesse meets Celine again on the train. Then their love story begins again.

  • Casablanca

Casablanca, which has an impressive plot, begins with the escape of the protagonist Lazlow. His only hope in this escape is Rick, the owner of a nightclub.

  • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind tells the story of a couple who want to forget each other but whose paths always cross. This couple, which has quite different characters, will stay in your mind for a long time.

  • The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The film chronicles the life of a man who was born at the age of 80 and aged backwards. You may enjoy watching this very interesting story with your lover.

  • The Notebook

The Notebook, which tells the story of a couple who are madly in love with each other but so different, is the last movie of our Valentine's Day movie recommendations list. You can make your special day more beautiful with this movie that will make you sad while watching and have so much fun.

  • Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday, which will take you back to past loves, is another option among Valentine's Day movie suggestions. In the movie, despite all the impositions, our main character, the princess of modern times, goes on vacation to Rome. Here she meets a journalist and a love story begins.

  • Love Me If You Dare

"Do you have courage to love?" Translated into Turkish as Love Me If You Dare, it tells about love that starts with a game. The bond, which starts with a game of courage, progresses by growing much more. This great movie is a great option to watch with your girlfriend or partner!

Apart from the above, you can see many different movies on our list. Before watching this movie, you can give your lover, your spouse the flowers we have prepared as Ribbon Flowers inspired by the movies. These flowers will be one of the most beautiful ways to show your love.

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