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Miniature Tangerine Tree Care

Miniature Beauty : Tangerine Tree Care ;

Tangerine tree is a species of plant in the citrus family . Its main breeding area is known as China, and it is grown especially in areas with a temperate climate . Tangerine is also a plant that grows in abundance in our country . Especially the Mediterranean region has favorable climatic conditions for the growth of this fruit . But this beautiful plant can grow not only in the Mediterranean, but also in our regions with other soft climate characteristics . Let's look at the care of this beautiful tree, which often forms a visual feast on our homes and balconies .

This tree is no different from normal tangerine trees except for its size and edible properties . It is the same as normal size types with its maintenance, positioning , soil, etc . As we all know, the Mandarin tree is a winter plant . But miniature tangerine trees remain healthy for four seasons if they are well cared for . Although it is a winter plant, it should be protected from extreme cold . Because extreme cold can damage our plant . In the same way you need to protect Danda from extreme temperatures . In other words, these plants should never be exposed to too heat or too cold . For example, in summer, especially between 10:00 and 14:00 hours to remove your tree to the sun will be harmful. In winter, the wind is what you will pay attention to your tree . We should not position our tree at a point where it will take the wind directly during the winter months . They pour their fruit seasonally and give it back . The fruit of miniature Tangerines is not suitable for direct eating, but they can be used to add flavor to drinks .

Irrigation in general is also very important in all miniature fruit trees .  Your tree's need for water varies according to seasonal periods .  In winter, less water is needed, while in summer, more irrigation is required . For example, if you give water once in winter, you will need to water the same tree twice in summer . In winter, when watering our tree , we should first check the soil and not give water until the soil is completely dry, and in summer, we should give water without allowing the soil to dry. An important point about the irrigation scheme should also be to regularly meet the water needs of your tree at the same time .

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