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If Tarantino's Characters Were A Bouquet of RIBBONS...


We wouldn't be wrong if we say that the most important common point of flowers and movies is that they are a source of inspiration for us. With a perfectly designed bouquet of flowers or a movie you watch without blinking, your whole day can be brighter.

World-famous film director, Quentin Tarantino, the creator of many cult films that we admire… We intersected the characters we are familiar with from his films and the beautiful bouquets of RIBBON in the same context!

Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction) and Amore 25 Red Rose Bouquet

Mia Wallace is one of the characters that made a mark with Pulp Fiction, one of Tarantino's signature films. Mia Wallace, who appears in the movie as the wife of a wealthy mafia leader, has a slightly masculine style with classic touches. The character also stands out with her flirty and feminine attitudes throughout the movie. We identified it with RIBBON's Amore 25 Red Rose Bouquet, which we designed with 25 equatorial red roses, fenix leaves around and white orchids in between.

Beatrice Kiddo (Kill Bill) and Galaxy Tulip Bouquet

Kill Bill movies, one of the most popular works of the director, are productions where action is at its peak. The main character of the movie Beatrice Kiddo aka “The Bride” shines with her unique style and personality. Wouldn't it be nice if we gifted Beatrice Kiddo, who is a pretty cool character, with Galaxy Tulip Bouquets that are as cool and original as she is?

Sharon Tate (Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) and Valerie Deluxe Soft Spring Bouquet

Focusing on the story of Sharon Tate, who took part in unforgettable films that shook the era with her tragic death, the film excited moviegoers. We say that the RIBBON bouquet, which is identified with Sharon Tate's pure and clear beauty and mirrors her colorful personality, is the Valerie Deluxe Soft Spring Bouquet.

Mr. White (Reservoir Dogs) and White Tulip White Rose Bouquet

In Tarantino's action-packed movie, each character is named by a color. Mr. White is also associated with the color white as he is the respected, good and reliable person of the group. Mr. Our bouquet, which reflects the magnificent harmony of white tulips and white roses, seems to be appropriate for White.

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