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Herald of Spring Flowers


With the arrival of spring, nature awakens again. Naturally, the natural beauties around us are starting to exist again. Colorful flowers accompanying the warming weather open our hearts. So how much do we know about all the beauties that surround us? For those who want to get to know flowers, the most beautiful gift of nature to us, we have compiled flowers that herald the spring season.

Snowdrop flowers are the first of the flowers that herald spring to us. As we approach the second week of April, we can say that spring has literally come, especially with the redbud flowers blooming in Istanbul and its surroundings. Spring branch flowers accompanying all these beauties support the unique colorful energy of spring.

Daisy, Primrose, Tulip, Daffodil and Hyacinth... Let's take a closer look at all these flower types that make spring meaningful.


Daisies, one of the most popular and well-known wildflowers, are a symbol of purity. Daisies, which have been the subject of literature and art throughout history, can be grown in almost all regions of the world. You can reduce your fatigue and stress with chamomile tea, which you can prepare by drying and boiling chamomile. Click to take a look at the products we have prepared with daisies that make the spring months pleasant with their white and yellow colors.

Evening Primrose

At the beginning of the spring season, another species that we can see when the snow melts is Primroses. This species, which has many different varieties in itself, is literally a source of healing. With its easy care, the flowers that you can grow in your home usually come to the fore with their yellow color. Being a natural source of healing with its herbal tea and oil, Evening Primrose is perfect for ailments such as insomnia, headache, stress and tension, and blood pressure.


Tulip flower is a kind that opens us up with its colorful varieties. The homeland of tulip flowers, where the most suitable time for planting is autumn, is the Asian region. The white color of these flowers, which are quite durable and long-lasting, is preferred more often. Click to take a look at the products we have prepared with Tulip.


The narcissus flower, known as the flower of love, like the cochins, also evokes connotations of love and respect. Daffodils, one of the most precious flower species we can gift to the people we love; It is also effective in the healing of stomach ailments, colds and wounds.


Hyacinth flowers, which differ in meaning according to their colors, stand out with their purple, yellow, white and red types. The most suitable period for planting this flower, which has an important place in Greek mythology, is the autumn months. It is known for being resistant to harsh climatic conditions. Click to view our hyacinth category.

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