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Gala Flower Care and Features


Zantedeschia, which is more commonly known as Gala Flower in Turkey and has a widespread usage area, belongs to the Araceae family.

Gala Flower, which can be found in many different colors, stands out especially with colors such as pink, orange, purple and yellow. Can be grown in different ways

Gala Flower is also suitable to be grown in pots in the home environment if you wish.

The maintenance periods for the Gala Flower, which is very easy to care and grow, should be compatible. Thus, the flower will not be offended and will be long-lasting. Gala flower can reproduce easily.

How to Water the Gala Flower

Gala flower does not need intensive care and watering, but unlike other flowers, it needs to be watered regularly at certain times on certain days of the week. It will be sufficient to irrigate twice a week in the summer periods, and once a week in the winter period. Gala Flower should always be watered with the same amount of water with the same water bowl.

Positioning of Gala Flower

If the Gala flower is to be grown indoors, it must be in a position where there is daylight but not directly exposed to intense sunlight. At the same time, the wind is also harmful to the Gala Flower. It should not be exposed to intense wind. Gala Flower is delicate and delicate. For this reason, it is important that the leaves do not touch the wall or an object.

What are the Features of Gala Flower?

  •  Gala Flower is a symbol of purity and delicacy.
  • Gala flower should always be watered on the same day, in the same amount.
  • Repotting of the flower should be done in May and April.
  • Gala flower is a plant that reproduces from the root. You can propagate by separating the roots when they multiply.
  • If the Gala Flower is indoors, it should be positioned in an area without direct sun and wind.

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