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Flower Use in Weddings


Wedding season is almost here with the upcoming summer. Couples start to prepares months ago for their very special day. Many brides and grooms can choose different wedding concepts and places for their dream wedding organization. So, with this diffrent choices, wedding organization’s decorations also change.

In this article we have prepared for bride and groom candidates, we have included one of the details that should be considered in weddings, the use of flowers. Everything that will shed light on you on the way to the “dream wedding” is here!

How Bridesmaid Should Be?

Of course, one of the essentials of weddings is the bridal flower. The bridal flower is expected to harmonize and complement the bride's style and even the spirit of the entire organization. For example, if you are planning a country wedding, you should pay attention to include pastel tones in your bridal flower. You can also give hand flowers to your bridesmaids who will take part in the wedding in accordance with your own bouquet.

Outdoor Flower Ornament

You can create a pleasant atmosphere by making use of flower decorations, which are indispensable for rural weddings, in different concepts. By using flowers suitable for the concept, for example, you can use vibrant colors for beach weddings, you can spice up your wedding organization.

Use of Groom's Flower

Considering that the groom will wear a black suit, like many men attending the wedding, the detail that will highlight the groom will be the boutonniere. You can achieve a stylish and harmonious look with a small boutonniere in accordance with the wedding concept and the bridal flower.

Drinks Using Flowers and Serving Flowers

If you want to make a difference with small details in your wedding and want to add originality to the organization, some details should not be overlooked. For example, you can choose small flower pots or dried flowers instead of the classic wedding candy treat. You can also enrich the beverages you will present at the wedding by adding flowers such as carnations.

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