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Bouquet Toss Guide


Wedding Day is the most special day for most of us. From wedding place to menu, everything prepares very carefully before that big day. In this article, we focus on a detail as important as the bride’s dress, the bouquet toss. Let’s take a look to bouquet toss guide that we wrote for you.

We can’t be wrong if we say that bouquet toss is a subsidiary for bride’s dress, hair and even the whole wedding organization. The most beautiful wedding organizations make a sense with the most beautiful bouquet tosses.

Bride’s also curious about how they bouquet toss should be. Big boquet toss or small bouquet toss and colorful bouquet tos sor simple bouquet toss… You should choose it carefully. Because it’s as much as important your dress or shoes.

As you know, especially spring and summer weddings have a colorful atmosphere. Wedding venues are arranged with flowers and accessories in striking colors according to the season. Of course, another important detail is your wedding theme. If you want a romantic wedding, you should choose a bridal flower in pastel tones, or if you have a wedding that you plan to organize on the beach, you should choose a bridal flower in blue and white tones.

If you are a bride who favors simplicity, you can choose a single type and color for your flower. Especially dahlia, freesia, asters and chrysanthemum are the most preferred bridal flowers.

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