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Best Books About Flowers


Flowers, as they are found in nature or in our homes and other living spaces, are a source of inspiration for all of us. Throughout history, flowers have appeared in many fields of art, especially literature, cinema, painting and music. The inspiring and eye-opening nature of flowers is enough to impress people of all ages.

Many of us make room for different types of flowers in our homes and gardens, and we grow them fondly. But for some of us, flowers are much more than that. At this point, you may want to learn more about flowers. Then this article is for you! Here are a few of the books that invite you to the impressive world of flowers…

The Flower Garden: How to Grow Flowers from Seed / Clare Foster and Sabina Rüber

This book, which covers floriculture from A to Z, is a collaboration between writer Clare Foster and photographer Sabina Rüber. The book has a very easy explanation for beginners in floriculture. The book with flowers, which is examined in detail from the seed to the season in which it grows, is a great guide.

New Naturalism: Designing and Planting a Resilient Ecologically Vibrant Home Garden / Kelly D. Norris

This book, focusing on ecology and plant biology by modern plant breeder Norris, is very useful for those who want to turn their garden into a small forest. While natural plant cultivation is presented in a fluent and informative way, the tricks of using even the smallest areas extremely efficiently are pointed out.

The Flower Gardener's Bible / Lewis and Nancy Hill

Another ideal guide for those who are looking for small tips for the flowers they have or want to put in their garden! Your gardens will turn into wonderful living spaces with this book, where you can find almost any information you may need while growing flowers.

The Flower Yard: Growing Flamboyant Flowers in Containers / Arthur Parkinson

Adding a unique and different perspective to floriculture, Parkinson will shed light on how you can create wonders in garden arrangements with different methods and materials. The book, which has a visually rich content, will be a source of inspiration for your garden arrangements.

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