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Acqua di Parma Collabs With RIBBON For Flower Workshop!


Wold-famous Italian brand Acqua di Parma introduced the new product named Colonia CLUB. The event placed at Momo Bebeköy with a huge attending, and as RIBBON team we were there too.

The workshop that started at late in the morning, was very joyful. The event that Duygu Özen, Doğa Bursalı, Nilay Yalçınkaya were very instrested in, continued with the speeches by RIBBON’s flower designer, Buse Bayraktar Üçer. The participants created flower designs as they wish by using seasons fresh RIBBON flowers.

Acgua di Parma that introduced their newest product Colonia CLUB, gains attention from the participants. At flower workshop, the participants learned new things about flowers and flower design. The flowers that used are chose as yelow and white colors due to matching with the brand’s new product. The perfect designs have been created with using daisy, frezia, yellow craspedia, wax, ocaliptus etc.


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