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About Indoor Plants and Their Care


One of the important details that beautify our living spaces and add a different color is the plants. With the plants we will place in our homes, we can make the place more livable both visually and in terms of health. These plants balance the clean and polluted air in the house. Before you include indoor plants in your home, you will need to find answers to questions such as what types of plants they are and how to care for them.

For example, the most ideal pot size for your plants is 12-18 cm. If it is not a very different or special plant, the irrigation system is the same for all indoor plants. While it is sufficient to water once a week in the winter, it will be useful to increase this number to two due to the hot weather in the summer.

Here are the most popular indoor plants we have compiled for you…

Love Ladder

The love ladder, which is one of the small potted plants, will spread over time in the area where you will put it and its leaves will droop. Normal, moderate levels of sunlight are sufficient for them.

Yucca Flower

You can grow the Yucca Flower, which is very durable, in a large pot in a corner of your living room. This plant, which cleans the air of the house by producing plenty of oxygen, uses water by storing it. It will be sufficient to water it from time to time without leaving it dry.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera, a medicinal indoor plant, comes to your rescue in cases of many wounds or burns. It is recommended to look in front of a sunny window.


This plant, which needs very little care, draws attention with its variegated and wide leaves. You should take care that the environment in which this plant is located, which likes humid environments, is 15 degrees and above.

Praying Flower

This plant, which gives the impression of praying at night with its veined leaves, likes moderate indirect sunlight. It should be grown in moist soil that is not wet or dry.

Pasha Sword / Sword Flower

The feature that makes the pasha sword so popular is that it has a belief that if its leaves exceed one meter in length and it blooms, a house will be bought. Pasha sword, a robust plant resistant to drought and weather conditions, loves bright places.


Devetaban loves bright places. This plant, which develops healthily in humid environments, likes sandy garden soil.


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