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Grand Deluxe Black Potted Orchid 6 Branches White

Grand Deluxe Black Potted Orchid 6 Branches White

Six branches of white phalanopsis deluxe orchids are presented in elegance and elegance in a glass vase with black crystal

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Grand Deluxe Black Potted Orchid 6 Branches White

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Product Description

Six branches of white phalanopsis deluxe potted orchid are in a black-footed glass vase.

Grand Deluxe Black Potted Orchid 6 Branches White

One of the most beautiful flower varieties, White Orchid Grand Deluxe is waiting for you on special days!

You are at the right address to make your loved ones happy with the most popular plant varieties. Orchid, one of the most beautiful flowers in pots, adds a sophisticated sophistication to its environment. In this way, it is an ideal product for special day celebrations. As Ribbon Flowers, you can easily celebrate all kinds of special days of your loved ones with the White Orchid Grand Deluxe product that we have prepared specially for you.

The orchid, which seems to float in the air and creates an exotic atmosphere, is also known as an elegant symbol of its beauty. You can be sure that your loved ones will love this flower, which is presented to you with the difference of Ribbon Flowers. You can choose white orchid for business greetings and various special occasions!

The Most Stylish Pahalaenopsis Orchid Flower

Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants with more than 25 thousand species. At this point, orchids, which are generally preferred as a house plant, are frequently preferred flowers for special occasions and greetings with their stylish appearance. Orchid, which represents nobility and gentleness with its white color, attracts attention with its stylish appearance. Orchid varieties, which will be in the first place when the most beautiful flowers are mentioned all over the world, are delivered to you by Ribbon Flowers.

Our product, consisting of 6 branches of white orchids, is presented to you in a glass vase with crystal cut legs. The fact that the product is presented in a glass vase creates a very elegant appearance from a decorative point of view.

The White Orchid of your dreams is with you!

You are at the right address to deliver the white orchid, which attracts attention with its stylish and elegant appearance, to your loved ones in a short time and easily. With the same day delivery service, your flowers will be delivered to your loved one in a very short time. All you have to do is create your order!

You can have a unique celebration with Ribbon Flowers privileges on birthdays, Valentine's Day and many other special days. Come on, place your order now and just wait for your flower to be delivered to the person you love.

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"Royal Deluxe Gold Potted Orchid 8 Branches White" in our Luxury Collection;

Grand Size is a potted orchid

Vase Size: 35 cm height, 29 cm diameter

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