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Valentine's Gift Guide from Ribbon Flowers


Valentine's Day is one of the most special days of expressing love. Whether it is the first Valentine's Day you will spend together or you are celebrating your 10th anniversary together, it will be enjoyable to crown this day with a surprising gift and make your loved one happy.

Be creative and choose a personalized gift for an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift to leave behind. Make sure to buy a gift that will make you feel special, it is everyone's February 14 dream.

To make it easier for you to choose the right gift for the love of your life this year, as the Ribbon Flowers team, we have prepared many options for your gesture.

If you're one of those who want to make your Valentine's Day gift feel special, let it surprise you to the point that it will leave your mouth open, let's leave you alone with the customized pieces of our collection.


Red Roses in Vase with Names

There is no greater symbol of romance than a red rose, especially if your loved one's name is written on it...

Red Roses in Black Vase_general view


Lilac Initials Arrangement in a Personalized Gray Velvet Box

This arrangement, specially designed for your initials inspired by love stories, is the most beautiful gift for Valentine's Day...

Lilac Arrangement in Personalized Name Box_general_view


Orange Flowers in Personalized Vase

A colorful selection that will be a lasting memory of how much you care for him...

Orange Flowers in Personalized Vase_general_view


Personalized Photo Chocolate Tray

Which is your most beautiful photo together? Now it's time to get lost in the photo gallery. Flowers, chocolates and a photo that immortalizes a special moment could not be thought of as a sweeter Valentine's Day gift.

Personalized Photo Chocolate Tray_general_view


Pastel Flowers in Personalized Vase

Customized gifts are welcome, especially on Valentine's Day. Pastel plain tones are always risk-free and there is no one who doesn't like it.

Pastel Flowers in Personalized Vase_general_view


Personalized Silver Framed Arrangement

There are hundreds of flower options that will break the rhythm of your lover's heart. One of them is this stylish arrangement, which we have carefully designed and put a special photo of you on.

Personal Silver Framed Arrangement_general_view


Personalized Deluxe Promise Engagement Chocolate Tray

Perhaps this Valentine's Day will be a much more special day for you than for others. If you are one of those who take the first step on this special day with the person you will unite your life with, this is the right choice for you.

Personalized Deluxe Promise Engagement Chocolate Tray_general_view


Seasonal Flowers in Vase with Names

The most beautiful seasonal flowers are combined with the name of your loved one as an expression of your love...

Seasonal Flowers in Personalized Vase_general_view


Grand Deluxe Personalized Gold Glass Chocolate Box

Sweet chocolates that will be beautiful with your lover's name will surprise her with happiness this Valentine's Day...

Grand Deluxe Personalized Gold Glass Chocolate Box_general_view

Galaxy Tulips in a Custom Name Vase

If your love goes beyond the world and reaches the galaxy, this arrangement is just for you... This unique design that you will present to your lover as a gift has a beauty that will fascinate him.

Galaxy Tulips in a Custom Name Vase_general view


Pink Decorative Personalized Letter Flower Arrangement

Let your lover's initials be embroidered with the most beautiful flowers of the season in this special arrangement, all of which are handcrafted… This grand floral gesture will remain a fascinating Valentine's Day memory.

Pink Decorative Personalized Letter Flower Arrangement_general_view


Our team will deliver the carefully prepared designs to you by hand on the day you wish, with a special delivery. You can place your order for Valentine's Day and choose the surprise that will appear on your lover's door on February 14th.

Explore the entire Ribbon Flowers Valentine's Day Collection.








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