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The Most Beautiful May Flowers


In our country, where four seasons live together, each season has a different fascination. Is it possible not to feel good, especially with the reawakening of nature with the arrival of spring and hundreds of different kinds of flowers surrounding us?

These treasures, gifted to nature after the April rains, reach their peak in terms of diversity and number in May.

May is the month when the world's most impressive flowers are budding.

In this article, we have compiled beautiful flowers that start to show themselves in May.


With the arrival of May, the wedding season begins slowly. Peonies, the essential flower of wedding organizations, draw attention with their abundant leafy structure. Appearing in dazzling colors, especially purple, white and pink, peonies reflect the spirit of May.

Magnolia Flower

Magnolia flowers blooming in May are known as the harbinger of spring. Both very hot and very cold, magnolia flowers, which we know for being durable even in harsh climatic conditions, add color to spring.

Freesia Flower

Another flower that heralds spring is freesia; It blooms in various shades of white, blue and pink. These flowers, which have a very attractive appearance, symbolize innocence, trust and friendship.

Lilac Blossom

Lilac flowers, representatives of love and self-confidence, can grow up to three meters. Lilac flowers that radiate pleasant scents are one of the most special flowers of May.


Considered as the symbol of beautiful thoughts and freedom, violets add beauty to our environment in spring in various vibrant colors.

Iris Flower

Taking its name from the Greek word for rainbow, the Iris/Iris Flower is seen as a symbol of birth, wisdom and courage.

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