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Ribbon Flowers International Women's Day Corporate Catalog


Woman is the equivalent of power, labor, aesthetics, beauty and inspiration in all areas of life.
We owe a thousand thanks to the Woman who changed, transformed and liberated the whole world with her touch.

We are strong with you, we are beautiful with you, we are with you!
We hope that a perception that has more equal rights, is freer, does not face violence, and is not humiliated because of its gender will spread.
March 8, International Women's Day is worth celebrating for many reasons!
Do you know the story of mimosa flowers integrated with International Women's Day?

After the Second World War in Italy in 1946, people are looking for enthusiasm and hope. Three women, members of the Italian Women's Union, thought that the rebuilding of society depended on "women's solidarity". These women; Teresa Mattei, Rita Montagnana and Teresa Noce.
Three strong women decided to choose a flower to represent this idea. Three flower options stood out among the offers: Carnation, anemone, and mimosa.
It is called mimosa, the flower that represents the woman, with its features of being cheerful with its yellow color, blooming in March, the International Women's Day month, not requiring much effort and care while growing, and having the strength to remain resistant even in difficult geographical conditions even though it has a fragile appearance. they chose.
In fact, all flowers represent love, passion, trust, kindness and endurance. Just like women.
For this reason, it is always a good idea to send symbolic flowers or arrangements that will make them happy on International Women's Day.
Women's Day gifts may make you think. Which is the most correct option? Which flower should we choose? What is the symbol of Women's Day? We can predict that such questions will confuse you and it will be a painful search for you.
As Ribbon Flowers, we have prepared the most elaborate bouquets and arrangements of our fresh flowers, as always, for you to surprise your female teammates and give them a small thank you on such a special day.

On March 8, International Women's Day, where we once again remember the importance of women's labor and power.
You can take a look at our collection that we have prepared for this special day to thank women.


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