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Plants That You Can Grow in Your Balcony


What about bringing natüre into your home? You can make perfect spaces with the latest trend, balcony gardening. If you live in an apartment and you don’t have a chance to grow flowers in a garden, then, balcony gardening is for you!

The plants and flowers that you give place in your balcony are helpful for both aesthetical image and health.

Here are some plants that you can grow in your balcony garden…


If you live in an apartement and you don’t have enough space, then it would be a great choice to grow hydrangea. These flowers that love sunlight and watering are also an amazing decor.

Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisies are one of the most common flowers that comes to our minds when we talk about balcony plants. It would be more correct to use two pots during the blooming period. After the flowers bloom, the area where the flower is located will have a wonderful view!


You can add color to the atmosphere of your home with begonias that you can grow on your balcony in a shaded spot that does not receive much sun.

Fuchsia Flower

You should keep the fuchsia flower, which is one of the flowers that should not be exposed to direct sunlight, in a shaded area. It will be inevitable for you to feel yourself in nature with these flowers, which birds are also very interested in!


Violets in different colors and forms are almost a gift of nature to us. Temperate-loving violets adapt and can be grown anywhere if properly cared for.


This plant, which tends to grow by expanding, has a wonderful appearance. You should make sure that your balcony is suitable for these shade-loving plants. You can easily grow ferns, which can be comfortable in any environment, in front of the window.

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