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Make Mother’s Day Special With RIBBON!


We are searching more and more about the best gift for the incoming Mother’s Day. We all want to make our earthbringers, our precious mothers happy with the as precious as them gifts. Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give your mother on the Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day has an old history, which bases Ancient Greek phase. For Greek myth, the people from that era celebrated the gods’ and goddesses’ mother, Rhea in the Springs. Later that, in Ancient Rome, people celebrated their mother goddess Kibele.

Traditional Mother’s Day that we celebrate anually, has a shorter history. Also, Mother’s Day has an interesting story. In 1908, American teacher Anna Jarvis created a ritual for her mother that she lost a couple years ago. This idea got a lot of attention in a short time. With court’s accept, the day started to celebrate every year on country-wide.

We said that one of the most special gifts for Mother’s Day is the flowers. But what kind of flowers? The May month’s flowers that we celebrate Mother’s Day for sure… Who can’t be happy with a  bouquet of hyacinth, tulp, hydrangea or orchid? Season’s fresh RIBBON flowers is with you on your very special day.

If your choice is tulips on Mother’s Day, don’t forget to tulips’ meaning can change with their colors.

You can take a look to RIBBON’s special Mother’s Day catalogue. Make a quick order and get on the same day.

Pink Gala Black Concrete Flower in Pot

Clementine Orange Rose White Orchid Gold Vase Arrangement

Lollipop Galaxy Tulip Pink Tulip Chrysanthemum Bouquet

Pink Purple Arrangement in Glass Vase

Pink Lilac Flower in Box

Fuchsia Orchid Quatro

White tulips in vase

Seasonal Flowers in a Custom Pink Vase

Blue Hydrangea Fairytale Bouquet

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