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Holiday Chocolates And Flowers As A Gift


The Ramadan Feast is getting closer day by day and we started to planing our visits to our families and relatives.

Those who will make a visit to their loved ones may be not sure what they should gift to them. You can make a nie suprise to your loved ones with a box of chocolate that means so much for holidays.

You can gift RIBBON’s special Holiday Collection to your loved ones. Maket his holiday season special to you and your beloved ones with the arrangments and bouquets that we made with season’s fresh flowers and handmade tasty chocolate!

Let’s take a look to highlights of the RIBBON’s special holiday collection.

Deluxe Silver Handmade Chocolate Date Fruit Flower Box

One of the most important products of this season, chocolate date fruit will be a perfect choice for your holiday visits. Inside the cream colour plexi box with raw jasper brown natural stone handles, there are 12 handmade chocolate date fruits.

Galaxy Tulip and Orchid in Vase

If you want to make a suprise to ypur loved ones with flowers, this product is for you! This product that includes 10 galaxy tluip and an orchid in a glass vase has a modern and beautiful image.

Orange Luxe Mirror Chocolate Tray

This product has a special design with its’ hexagonal shape and icludes both chocolates and a flower arrangement. There are orange roses and purple flowers inside the first part and there are 9 gold-coated hazelnut cream filling and whole hazelnuts in a combination of milk chocolate and 20-25 pieces of hazelnut sugar in golden color in the second part.

Adele Pink Peony Daisy Vase Arrangement

This arrengement specialy designed with peonies perfect beauty and daisies purity. This is a minimal, medium sized arrangement. It designed with 9 dusty pink peonies, 1 white orchid, lavender, feathers and a fan in a glass cylinder vase.

Chocolate Tiny Box with Pink Flowers

In this cute little product, cappucino roses and pink tulips comes together with a nice fit. Prepared with 6 different patterns in a gray plexi tray covered with sliced milk chocolate.

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