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World’s Most Poisonous Plants


The poisonous plants that grows in different places of world are can be so dangerous although their interesting looks.

These plant can be deadly if it’s eaten and sometimes it’s enough to touch them.

In this article, we have compiled the most poisonous plants in the world, which attract you with their appearance, but are also deadly...


Home to Eurasia and North Africa, the oleander's beautiful display lies in mortal danger. The heart of the person who consumes the oleander can accelerate and lead him to death.

Rosary Ivy

Even three milligrams of this poisonous plant, especially found in Asia and Australia, is extremely lethal. So much so that the poison of the plant is 75 times stronger than other plants.

Castor Oil Plant

The castor oil plant, which is an East African plant, is actually used in many areas as processed. However, if an unprocessed seed is consumed, problems such as internal bleeding and circulatory disorders can be observed.


This plant, which grows frequently in Northern Africa and Eurasia, damages many parts of the body such as digestive and excretory system, especially paralysis, if consumed.

Common Badger

The fruits of this plant, which grows especially in the cold parts of our country, are quite poisonous. In the person who eats, especially arm and leg contractions are observed.



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