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The Most Beautiful 8 March International Women's Day Messages

March 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day in our country and around the world. This day is very important in terms of equality and justice of women in social life. You can also make the women you love happy on this special day. It is possible to make them feel more special with the 8 March International Women's Day messages next to a gift you receive!

Today, there have been positive developments in women's rights in developed countries. However, unfortunately, the social, political and economic place of women in many countries is still not more egalitarian. Although they are seen as socially equal, the role of women in the public sense is a little more out of sight.

Considering the year 1857, the place of women in society was much worse. 129 women died in the women's strike in the United States against injustices. Years after this bad event, March 8 was known as Women's Day. This special day has been celebrated in our country since 1921. The struggle of women of the world continues with the hope of living in a more equal, free and fair world.

We have prepared this content for those who want to celebrate 8 March International Women's Day. Maybe you want to add a note next to the flowers you will buy from our Ribbon Flowers store. If you wish, let's give a few examples about the International Working Women's Day messages together.

Quotes about International Women's Day

  • Happy women's day, who always make the world beautiful and livable.
  • The woman is free, she is a fighter. I am always with you as you walk this path.
  • I congratulate you on this special day with my wish for a bright future tomorrow.
  • You've always held my hand in this life. I wish you to always be by my side and I congratulate Women's Day.
  • Strong women always make history. You are one of the strongest women I know in this world. Happy women's day.
  • May your hard work and determination return to you as a victory in the future. Happy day with the hope of living in a better world in the future.
  • Always be happy in life. Happy your day today!
  • Happy this meaningful day to all our strong women.
  • March 8 is the day of our struggling and strong women. Congratulations!
  • Half of a society is women and half is men. Is it possible for the other half to be happy when half of them are in shackles? Happy day with the wish of a more equal world.

Short Women's Day Quotes

  • Thank you for the love and patience in your heart, happy day.
  • Wishing you a more equal world, happy day.
  • When we know the value of our women every day, it will be happy March 8!
  • The power of women creates a new world. I congratulate Women's Day with my wish for a more equal and free world.
  • Let it be a Women's Day that we celebrate shoulder to shoulder.
  • Thank you for reflecting the beauty within you to our environment. I congratulate Women's Day with the wish of a beautiful world.

8 March International Women's Day Words to a Friend

  • My dear friend, always be by my side. I celebrate Women's Day and wish to be shoulder to shoulder always.
  • I'm glad you're in my life my friend, happy day.
  • May the bond between us never break, my friend. I congratulate you on your day and wish you better days.
  • You are the strongest woman I know. My dear friend, always stand up for life, happy day.
  • We will build a better world together, my dear friend. I congratulate Women's Day and wish you to achieve your goals.
  • Your friendship is as warm as fire, as naive as water… Happy day, my dear friend.
  • In difficult situations, we are shoulder to shoulder with laughter in our happy days. Happy day my friend, good luck to you.

Women's Day Message for Valentine

  • Happy day to the beautiful woman who stole my heart.
  • My world gets better when you smile, darling. There are no words to describe its magnificence. Happy day.
  • Thank you for everything you add to my life with your strength. I love you so much my dear, happy day.
  • I know that your efforts just don't fit in this day. Remember that I remember you every day. I celebrate Working Women's Day and wish to live together in a better world.
  • Darling, telling you this word is the best gift for me. I wish to be together on this special day and all other days, I wish you a happy day.
  • Every time you look at me, I find myself, darling. Thank you for being with me with your compassion, your love and your strength.
  • They say love is a woman's greatest strength. They are right, my hope grew with your love. I wish you a happy day, my dear, with the hope of better tomorrows.

Women's Day Message to Mom

  • You are the most amazing mother in the world. Happy day my dear!
  • My biggest chance is to call a wonderful woman like you a mother. Happy day my dear mother.
  • Mom, I know you are always by my side. Good thing I have you. Thanks for raising me with your strong love, happy day!
  • You are my superhero, you are the one who is with me every moment. Happy day mommy.
  • I know I can't repay your hard work. Just know that I love you very much. Don't miss out on your smiles on this special day. Happy women's day.
  • For believing that I will be successful in everything I want, for loving me unconditionally, for being with me at every moment and many more… Happy day to my mother. May a better tomorrow always be with you!

Women's Day Atatürk Quotes
“If a society is satisfied with the fact that only one of the sexes has achieved what our century demands, it is half weakened. The reason for the failures of our society is negligence and fault towards our women.
“Everything we see on earth is the work of women.” Ataturk
“The real area of struggle for our women, the area where the real victory should be won, is to be adorned with light, knowledge and culture, with real virtue, rather than success in form and disguise. I am one of those who have never doubted and are absolutely sure that our esteemed ladies will be equipped with light, knowledge and culture in a way that will not be inferior to European women, but on the contrary, will rise above them in many ways.” Ataturk

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