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Sisli City Guide - Places to Visit in Sisli

Sisli, which hosts the beautiful textures of Istanbul, is one of the rare districts to visit. Although it is generally known for its luxury venues, hotels and fashion sense, once you enter it, you will get lost in its historical streets. Among the places to visit in Şişli are parks, museums, Turkish baths and many other beauties.

Traveling with the Şişli city guide will allow you to spend a fuller day as you will get to know the places of the city. In this district, you will cross your path with a quiet life in the company of nature, and you will be able to taste unique dishes in its luxury venues. Moreover, since the historical baths are open for use, you can choose to relax if you wish.

What is Şişli Postal Code?
You need a zip code to perform residence procedures or to report an address in Şişli district. Şişli postal code is “34360”. However, you can also look at the zip codes of the neighborhoods as it may vary according to the neighborhoods.

On Which Side Is Istanbul Sisli?
In Istanbul, which consists of two sides, it is a matter of curiosity which districts are on which side. Especially “Which side is Şişli on?” The question is frequently encountered. Şişli is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is adjacent to Beşiktaş and Kağıthane.

What is the population of Şişli?
According to the latest data obtained in 2021, the population of Şişli is 284,294. The city, which is more crowded than its neighbor Beşiktaş, is quieter than Kağıthane.

What are Şişli Neighborhoods?
There are many districts in the district and the distances between districts are not too far. Due to the location of Şişli districts, you have the opportunity to send orders to every district in the district. Ribbon Flowers, which stands out with its florist services in Şişli, delivers orders to all the following locations:

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Where does Şişli belong?
Since Istanbul is Turkey's largest city, it is important to have information about its districts and where they belong. “Where is Şişli connected to?” If you are looking for an answer to the question, Şişli is a district and is located on the European Side. Şişli district, which is among the districts of the district, also gave its name to the district. For this reason, there is confusion as to where the Şişli district of Istanbul belongs to.

How to go to Şişli?
Since Şişli is one of the busiest districts of the province where it is located, "How to get to Şişli?" There are many possible answers to the question. You can go to the district by buses departing from many districts such as Yenikapı, Beyazıt, Zincirlikuyu, Mecidiyeköy and Beşiktaş. If you want to use the metro, you can choose the 4th Levent metro line.

How to Find a Florist in Şişli?
You can choose Ribbon Flowers without any hesitation about finding a florist in Şişli. It is the best address of the sector with its unique arrangements and plant options each more beautiful than the other. There are also gift alternatives such as ornamental plants, dried flowers, chocolate and candy boxes. Ribbon Flowers prepares the arrangements that will decorate your special days with precision for you. Delivery times of orders are also very short and orders are received from all neighborhoods of Şişli.

How far is it from Şişli to Beşiktaş?
How far is the distance between Şişli and Beşiktaş, the pearls of the European Side, is another matter of curiosity. The average distance between Şişli and Beşiktaş is 10 km. You will travel by car, you can reach the districts in 25 minutes.

Historical and Cultural Places to Visit in Şişli
When it comes to places to visit in Şişli, it is necessary to mention the most historical and cultural places. While the city is known for its high level of culture, it also paid special attention to its historical structures. You can learn about the places you can visit and see in detail from the sub-headings.

Sisli Ataturk House
Şişli Atatürk House is one of the most precious structures of our history, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk lived. In 1942, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality turned this place into a museum. It contains Atatürk's belongings, materials about the War of Independence and various paintings. You can visit the museum all days except Monday.

Sisli Military Museum
Sisli Military Museum, located in Halaskargazi, was an educational institution used to train soldiers during the Ottoman Period. The building, which has not lost its authentic texture today, continues to open its doors to its visitors on weekdays and weekends. The military school, built in 1862, was converted into a museum in 1986.

Sisli Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center
Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center is located in Şişli Halide Edip Adıvar district. In the culture house where various events are held, many theaters are exhibited that you can attend with your family or friends. At the same time, festivals, musical shows, circuses and comedy programs are also offered to visitors at certain times.

Sisli Beth Israel Synagogue
Şişli Beth Israel Synagogue is the religious building preferred by Jews for worship. Built in 1920, the building was expanded in 1950 with the increase in the Jewish population. Today, it is still open for worship, and it is possible for those who are curious about religious textures to visit it.

Sisli Mosque
Another religious building that we can count among the places to visit in Şişli is Şişli Mosque. The architectural structure, located in the 19 Mayıs district, is decorated with motifs specific to the Islamic religion. It is one of the must-see places with its unique texture and stance that defies history.

Saint Esprit Cathedral
Saint Esprit Cathedral is one of the historical textures located in the courtyard of Notre Dame de Sion French High School on Cumhuriyet Street. The cathedral, which was opened for worship in 1846, is still open to worship and visitors. You can visit the church outside of worship hours.

Aya Dimitri Greek Church
One of the cultural textures that must be included in the list of places to visit in Şişli is the Aya Dimitri Greek Church. This place is located in the Feriköy district and is open to worship at all hours of the day. At the same time, tourists can visit the church at certain time intervals.

Sisli Science Center
The Science Center is one of the cultural places you can visit in the İnönü district. You can visit the museum, where various materials related to science are exhibited, every day of the week.

Sisli Radio House
Harbiye Radio House should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Şişli. Radio House, which is open 24 hours a day, accepts its visitors at any time of the day.

While Bomontiada was a popular brewery for a while, it is now considered an art center. This place hosts many events such as open-air concerts, art exhibitions.

Parks and Gardens to Visit in Sişli
Of course, places to visit in Şişli do not only consist of historical and cultural places. There are also very peaceful parks and gardens in the district.

Sisli Habitat Park
Şişli Habitat Park is a unique location for those who want to spend a quiet day alone or with their loved ones. Even though it is crowded on weekends, you can go on weekdays and listen to the sound of nature in peace.

Macka Democracy Park
Macka Democracy Park, which is close to Habitat Park, is the most popular natural area of the district. It includes cafes, restaurants, fun activities and art exhibitions.

Other Places to Visit in Şişli
If you want to spend a full time in Şişli, you can learn about other places you can visit from our sub-headings.

Sisli Baths
Although Şişli is not a region known for its bath structures, there are baths you can go to in the city. The Ottoman Bath Pool and Ağa Hamam are among the most preferred baths in the district.

Sisli Flea Market
Şişli, which we can call the most luxurious address of shopping centers, is also known for its flea market. Şişli flea market is an extremely affordable market where you can find everything you are looking for, from clothes to electronic gadgets.

Şişli Organic Market
Şişli Organic Market is also known as the “Ecological Market” and is only held on Wednesdays. In the market established in Feriköy, many products related to healthy living are sold.

Sisli Cevahir AVM
Şişli cevahir AVM is one of the most luxurious and popular shopping centers on the European side. Located in the 19 Mayıs district, the AVM also hosts food and beverage areas with dozens of brands.

Sisli Food Places and Cafes
Knowing about Şişli eateries is a logical option to spice up your trip with delicious food. Şişli cafes and restaurants are known for their famous chefs.

Sisli Baruthane Pilaf Maker
Baruthane rice shop is located in Şişli Feriköy district. The pilafs, which you must taste, are served for 24 hours.

Sisli Fisherman
Şişli fisherman is one of the famous restaurants in the center of Şişli. You won't be able to say no to the variety of fish, their services and the delicacies between bread! The restaurant, which is open until 02:00, offers varieties that will challenge the fishermen around the Bosphorus.

Sisli Breakfast Places
Since Istanbul is a large and crowded city, you should start the day early and have a hearty breakfast before the sightseeing tour. For this reason, the choices you make among the breakfast places in Şişli are also important. Among the places you can choose; There are many popular addresses such as Handika Breakfast House, Fennel Food and Cafe, Seçkin Breakfast Hall, Süreya Breakfast.



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