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Say Yes to Happiness with RIBBON Flowers!

RIBBON Flowers is with you on your way to marriage with your lover! Our engagement flowers and chocolates will bring joy to your very special day. Be different with fresh RIBBON products that join on your proposal organizations!

Organizations gain importance as couples progress on their way to marriage and prepare for the most special day of their lives. We want that special moment when we propose to the person we love to be different and romantic. For this reason, some of us also prefer locations outside the city or country. Marriage proposal in Cappadocia is one of the first options that come to mind. Cappadocia is one of the ideal places for a marriage proposal with its romantic atmosphere and being suitable for every budget.

Let's take a look at our RIBBON Flowers Promise - Engagement - Request - Dating catalog that will accompany your passionate moments.

Our Deluxe Families Meet Bouquet is an ideal product for family meeting and asking a girl. The promise bouquet, which is dominated by light pink and white tones, is prepared with pink equatorial roses, white galas, orchids, anastasias, hyacinths, astomaria, wax, lisianthus, fenix leaves and eucalyptus leaves.

Nicole Kidman Deluxe Vase White Arrangement is an ideal word and engagement flower with its elegant design. There are white flowers in a cream glass footed vase.

Grand Deluxe Custom Gold Glass Chocolate Box, family meeting. Engagement can be preferred in your holiday visits as well as promises and wishes. Specially designed for the name, the grand deluxe boxes contain 60 hazelnut-filled chocolates and 80 silver-coated almond dragees.

Rosaline Deluxe Pink Salmon Roses in a Box is prepared with 30 salmon and pink equatorial roses. It brings a soft interpretation to your word, engagement and request organizations.

Rosaline Deluxe Pink Salmon Roses Bouquet is also one of our designs prepared with 30 salmon and pink equatorial roses.

Named Special Deluxe Engagement Chocolate Tray will add flavor to your special days with its stylish design. The product consists of 24 hazelnut-filled luxe chocolate and 35-40 silver-coated almond dragees placed in a hexagonal, mirrored deluxe tray.

Our Families Meet Bouquet consists of 7 soft pink equatorial roses, 2 anastasia, hyacinths, pink melting roses, pink dried flowers and eucalyptus leaves. It has a soft atmosphere with pink and white tones.

The Gold Deluxe Chocolate Tray consists of 36 gold-coated hazelnut-filled chocolates and 35-40 gold-coated almond dragees. Depending on preference, it can also be covered with chocolate luxe tulle.

Grand Pastel Cream Rose White 25 Rose Bouquet is designed with 25 white and salmon roses, eucalyptus and monstera leaves.

Angel White Rose Orchid Vase Arrangement Silver is eye-catching with white roses, purple anthurium, fuchsia wallflowers, anastasias, white lisianthus, fuchsia dried flowers, fuchsia orchids, white orchids, green fans, fenix leaves, eucalyptus and wax placed in a classical glass vase with legs. a promise is a flower of engagement or request.

Royal Deluxe Silver Glass Chocolate Box is presented with 60 pieces of star hazelnut-filled chocolate and 30 pieces of silver almond-coated dragee chocolate in a specially designed glass box for your meeting, promise and request ceremonies.

Carefully prepared with 41 Red Equatorial Roses, She Said Yes has a special design that can also be placed in a marriage proposal ring box. It is an ideal product for your most beautiful marriage proposals.

Amethyst Deluxe Purple Bouquet has a design that reflects the unique energy of purple amethyst stone. The orange arbor looks stunning with roses, blue hydrangeas, purple lisianthuses, orange lucas, orange galas, fuchsia orchids, eucalyptus leaves, fenix leaves and greens.

White Salmon Flowers Deluxe Engagement Arrangement is a wonderful design consisting of white salmon dominated by pastel tones.

Royal Deluxe Silver Pink Glass Chocolate Box will be a great choice for promise, engagement and request with 60 pieces of pink yellow hazelnut filled luxe chocolate and 80 pieces of silver coated almond dragees in a glass box.

Give your love a classic yet captivating interpretation of the 101 Red Roses Bouquet Royal Deluxe. Show your love with red equatorial roses.

Grand Deluxe Angel Wings Engagement Arrangement is an elegant promise engagement arrangement placed in a chubby flowerpot with the most beautiful spring flowers. The product can also be designed in different colors according to preference.

The Pink Deluxe Chocolate Tray, with 36 pieces of pink-coated hazelnut-filled chocolate and 35-40 pieces of silver-coated almonds in a hexagonal mirror tray, the product is ideal for your special days.

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