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RIBBON was at Neslihan Torun Kaya's New Year's Table!


Neslihan Torun Kaya, who developed her passion for table setting by creating a new brand, was the guest of ALEM Magazine with her brand Tables & Settings. Neslihan Torun Kaya, who arranged a special table for the New Year's issue of the magazine, was accompanied by specially designed RIBBON flowers in accordance with the concept she determined.

Pointing out that setting a table is a great passion for her, Neslihan Torun Kaya offered Haan, which was born from the need for table textile, in addition to the Tables & Settings brand she created during the pandemic period, to the service of her customers. Neslihan Torun Kaya, who initially arranged tables only for herself and her relatives, now brings masterful touches to dozens of tables.

Neslihan Torun Kaya, who created a rich design using green and red tones, also included objects representing figures such as abundance, luck, health and success on the table. As RIBBON, the design we prepared using rosehip, pomegranate, burgundy gala and anastasias special for the shooting draws attention as a very rich winter arrangement.

In the arrangement prepared using fresh flowers representing the winter season, pomegranate, which supports the "abundance" concept of the table, was brought to the fore. The perfect harmony of petrol green and burgundy color was reinforced with the colors of the preferred flowers.

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