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RIBBON Flowers in the Metaverse Universe with Floral Fest!


Floralfest, which we, as RIBBON, enjoyed attending in the past years, will be held in T.C. this year. It was held in Beyoğlu TOMTOM Designhood as part of the Beyoğlu Cultural Road Festival of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
The theme of the event, which opened its doors for visitors once again on May 27-28-29, was determined as "metaverse" this year. As RIBBON, we participated in this theme, which opens the doors of a new world with flowers, accompanied by a flower installation that we are very happy to prepare with our florists.

Acting with the concept of "Fifth Dimension", we aimed to take the visitors on a journey beyond the senses in the new metaverse world. Our flower installation, created by RIBBON florists with eye-catching flowers in a black room inspired by neon colors and beyond the universe, was accompanied by a video designed by designer Seyhan Lee and prepared using different artificial intelligence models.

Seyhan Lee determined the theme of this special video she created as follows;
“For too long we have been led to believe that our experience of the world is limited to our five senses, that there are only things that our eyes can see. However, the scent of a flower, the beauty of a bouquet, the splendor of nature were enough to carry our perception to another dimension in a second. The power of this fifth dimension that we are discovering is shifting our perception of time towards a new consciousness where beauty and grace are differentiated.
Due to its nature in parallel perception, artificial intelligence offers the opportunity to experience different worlds beyond what our eyes see. This artifact and other AI-created video artifacts and images open a door to the heavenly realms of mystery and magic dimensions that will soon become our reality. '''
Regardless of the notion that our experience of the world is limited to our five senses and that there are things that only our eyes can see; In this event, where we aimed to draw attention to the fact that we can take our perceptions to other dimensions with the scent of flowers, the beauty of a bouquet or the splendor of nature, our work attracted the attention of the participants.
Floralfest, which took place as part of the "Beyoğlu Cultural Road" events of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, brought together boutique florists, local designers and different businesses from the sector. Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, his wife Pervin Ersoy, and publishing organizations also participated in the Festival, which was spent for 3 days in Tomtom neighborhood, one of the most enjoyable locations in Istanbul, with its stand-holder participants and visitors, with a joy that almost welcomes the summer.

We were very excited to bring a new form to our designs by moving our floral world to the Metaverse, which is just beginning to be discovered and contains the future. It has also been a source of inspiration for our brand new designs.


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