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Peony Season Has Arrived


Peonies, which are shown as one of the most loved and most expensive flowers in the world, are also in high demand in our country. Peonies, which can be grown in many regions of Turkey, are especially found in Southern Europe, North America and Asia.

Peony is a subgenus of the Paeoniaceae family and is defined as "peony" in English.

Pink peony flower, white peony flower and red peony flower are the most common varieties.

Peonies, a bulbous plant, flower in April and June. These flowers, which grow in high altitude areas, attract attention with their layered structures. They are known for their rather impressive scent.

Peony Flower Meaning

The peony flower, which dates back to Greek mythology, is a symbol of compassion. Peony flower, which is known to be good for many pains, also has a widespread use in medicine.

Peony Flower Care

  • A regular watering maintenance is a constant rule for the longevity of your peonies. Peonies that love moist soil should be watered as much as they need during the summer season.
  • This plant, which does not like very cold weather, can live until spring if suitable conditions are provided after blooming in summer. In winter, frost should be avoided.
  • Sun-loving peonies, however, should not be exposed to direct sunlight. You should prefer humus soil for your peonies.
  • Peonies don't like being moved too often. Especially for your peonies in the growth stage, you should pay attention to this and try to keep the ground and place stable. You should make sure that the peonies are watered abundantly after planting.
  • Although the seed propagation method is widely used in the production of peonies, the grafting method is the most preferred method. Because peony seeds germinate only two years after planting.

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