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Movies Inspired by Flowers


Flowers are one of the things that affect almost all of us in almost every aspect of life... Flowers have also often been a source of inspiration for directors in the films they have shot. In fact, some films have become synonymous with the flowers used and become iconic.

As RIBBON, we have compiled movies inspired by flowers in this article.

The Wizard of Oz

The 1939 classic movie is directed by Victor Fleming. Although the movie contains many iconic scenes, it conquered our hearts especially with that famous scene where the poppy flowers were seen intensely.

American Beauty

Red roses have an important place in Sam Mendes' Oscar-winning movie. According to the movie, the red roses symbolize Lester's passion for Angela. American Beauty, which is also a type of rose and takes its name from here, has become legendary with Angela's scene surrounded by roses.

Beauty and the Beast

In Disney’s legendary production Beauty and the Beast, the red rose has a sypmbolic place. In movie, red roses are the symbol of love and ability to love. Beast’s relationship with roses is the another important detail.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is another movie that flowers have an important place. In the fantastic movie that speking flowers took place, the garden of Red Quuen has a lot of different kind flowers.

Big Fish

In this Tim Burton movie, we all amazed by main characters Sandra and Edward Bloom’s scene in the field of yellow daffodils. Another inspiring detail about this scene is that it shot completely natural –with no use of visual effect.

The Great Gatsby

In the movie which bases on book, main character Daisy got her name from the flowers that matches with her character. On one of the most iconic scenes of the movie, characters Jau and Daisy were in a place that full of White orchids.

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