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How Orchid Care Should Be?


Orchids beautfy our living spaces. And they known for their hard care. It changes fort he orchids kind and species and has an importance for the flower’s life.

If you are curious about the care of one of the most loving flower kind, orchid, this guide is for you! Come and discover the highlights one by one.

 Ideal Temperature

If you place the orchid indoors, the ideal temperature should be about 17-22 degrees. Orchids love sunny weather so the place should be light even in winter.

Placing the Plant

We said that orchids love sun. But it can be damaged if it gets sunlights directly. A light and fresh room will be good for your orchids. You shouldn’t place the orchid infront of the window because sunlights and wind could damage it.

Watering the Orchids

Orchids are very sensitive flowers so they differate in watering too. There are two important point that works good; spraying water and submerge. It is also important that the water that use should be lime-free. And you should do the watering in the mornings.

In summertime, you should water the orchids with spraying, but you should be careful while doing this. Because orchids are very very sensitive flowers.

Please note these too!

Beside the topics that we talked about before, there are a few important things that you should be careful about. Like airing. It’s very harmful for orchids to being in a dry and hot places.

Another notable thing is that orchids love the humid. With spraying water, you can keep your orchid’s more humid.

Special orchid soil could be best for your orchids health. Choosing transperent pots are good for the roots.

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