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Heat Resistant Flowers And Plants


With the arrival of the summer months, the weather started to warm up. Along with this process, we can witness that the flowers and plants we place in our living spaces are also adversely affected by hot weather and sun rays. This is inevitable for flowers and plants that do not belong to the summer season. But if you are in search of flowers and plants that love the summer season and are identified with summer, this article is for you!

Cosmos Flower

The Cosmos flower, which means "ordered universe" in Greek, is a flower that is very easy to care for and can grow quickly. These flowers, which are found in many different colors, also have varieties with more than one color in one flower. You can easily grow Cosmos flowers, which are mostly pink and red, in summer.


Flame Flower

Flame flowers, a common flower type of the American continent, are known for their length that can grow up to five meters. These flowers, which require regular care, will be easily damaged if not well taken care of. Flame flowers especially need to be protected from moisture and mold.


Lavenders, which we know as a genus of the mint family, love the sun very much. For this reason, they can easily grow in sunny conditions. Lavenders, which are not easily affected by high heat and humidity, will be an ideal option for those who are just starting to look for new plants.

Tassel Flower

Attracting attention with their different looks and styles, tassel flowers are also frequently preferred in dried flower arrangements. You can add a pleasant atmosphere to your living spaces by choosing pink and purple varieties, especially in summer.

Yellow Lily

Known to have more than 50,000 varieties, lilies will make you live the summer season! These flowers, which take their name from the yellow color in the middle of the flower, are actually more dominant in burgundy color. Yellow lilies can adapt to any conditions in the summer.

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