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Garden Planning Guide


With the came of new Sprng season, we can see that natüre is awakening. We want that our living spaces are matching with around. We are searching for a joyful and inspiring area. Some of us want that for the garden amd some of us want that for the balcony. If you’re curious about the planning and can’t be sure where would you start from, this guide is for you.

Preparing For Planning Process

However, for most of us, the balcony and garden planning seems that it can be possible in warm weather. But the process should be start from the late winter season. Getting soil the right form is the main thing for garden planning. Another important point is that not every flower can grow in every type of soil – but you can solve this problem with importing soil from the right places. If you have a large garden area, the trees should be behind the flowers and other plants.

Ground Planning

For garden planning, it’s an important point that the ground should match the garden’s atmosphere. The ground should mstches with the plants you choose for your dream garden.

Grass Shaping and Planting

The grasses that surface the ground of your garden is really important. In addition to the classic square or rectangular lawns, you can also add an original atmosphere by using oval-shaped lawns. For your small garden, it would be right to choose dwarf and evergreen shrubs. In large areas, you can use larger evergreen plants. You can have a dynamic look by evaluating the empty spaces with 4 or 5 different kinds of flowers.

Trees and Use of Furniture

Those who have a large enough garden area can give their gardens a rich look by using mature trees in the first place. A useful space can be created with L-shaped armchairs in small areas and compatible furniture sets can be preferred in larger areas.

Plan Your Garden With Ribbon Flowers

Don’t forget to check out the RIBBON Flowers’ garden plants catalogue on this new season. Discover different types of hydrangeas, succulents and hyacinths.

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