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Bucida Buceras “Shady Lady” Plant


Bucida Buceras or Shady Ladies are a kind of olive tree that can grow to 15 meters. This plant is usually seem in Deutchland, but its actually an egzotic plant and it’s from Mexico, Carrabians and South America area.

This plant usually called with various different names such as Bullet Tree, Black Olive Tree and Geometry Tree.

This plant is full of bushes and has a grey-brown mixed bole. The plant needs a lot of sunlight so it should be placed in a sunny place. Plants leaves are always green and fresh during every season of the year.


This plant knowns for its easy care, but it also needs too much watering. It’s important that the soil should be moist and it shouldn’t be dry out.

The plant’s leveas could fal lif you wouldn’t water it enough. Watering ca  be change fort he place. But in general, it should be watering every week on Summer and once in three or four weeks on Winter. The ideal growing tempature fort his plant is 24-28 degrees.

Buicidas come from the Combretaceae family, which includes more than 500 tree species. Buicidas, on the other hand, have more than 20 different species. The most known and cultivated of these are the Shady Lady.

These plants, which are generally used for outdoor arrangement, can also be looked at indoors, although rarely. But it is important that the interior has a large flat height. Because the height of the plant can grow up to 15 meters.

It creates a pleasant image and atmosphere with its use at building entrances, swimming pools and schools.

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