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All About Dried Flowers


The history of dried flowers goes back to ancient times. They were used very often for different purposes in Ancient Egypt and England in the Victorian Period. You can obtain dried flowers from the relevant places or you can apply this process yourself. "Shocking", a new method that has emerged in the Far East in recent years, is getting popular day by day. In fact, special facilities are set up just for these processes.

Dried flowers can be used at different times, in different places and for different purposes. It is especially used in wedding flowers and accessories, arrangements, wreaths and frames.

If you want to create your own dried flowers, here are a few tips that may be useful for you…

Drying by Pressing

It is the most common method that almost everyone uses at some point in their life. You can achieve the result you want by keeping the flowers you put in a book there for a few weeks. The important detail in this process is that your flowers will have a two-dimensional form after drying, not three.

Drying Flowers in the Microwave

This method, which has a very simple application, is one of the frequently used ways to dry flowers. Flowers placed in the microwave oven will give the desired result after a minute or so. However, the detail to be considered in this method is that the moisture of the flowers should be low.

Hang to Dry

First of all, you can have wonderful dried flowers by hanging your flowers that you have cleaned their leaves in a place where they can come in contact with direct sunlight. It is only important that the environment is dry. Humid environments will cause your flower to deteriorate. Since this method is extremely natural, there will be no change in the color of your flowers.

Freezing Flowers with Silica Gel

This material, which you can easily obtain from hardware stores, will dehumidify your flowers and dry them thanks to the components it contains.

Flower Drying Method in Sand

You can do this with extremely fine-grained, dust-free soil that has been dried in flat containers in the oven. You should spread this sand in a container with a maximum of 5 cm and place the flowers on it. Cover it by pouring sand on it, at a maximum of 5 cm. With this process, you will get the desired result within 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the type and form of the flower.

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