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A RIBBON Legend: Galaxy Tulips


One of the legendary and iconic products of RIBBON is Galaxy Tulips… This product, which takes you on a fascinating journey between galaxies with its colors, is one of the most popular of all time.

Galaxy Tulips are much different, much more special than the tulips we can see almost everywhere. The colors that make it so pleasant are actually obtained by a special flower coloring method. Thus, the tulips, which we are accustomed to yellow, pink or white, take on galaxy-like colors, just like the name we give them.

In a vase or as a bouquet, Galaxy Tulips are one of our most special designs that you can present to your loved ones. Tulips can be more closed or more open-looking. It can also be prepared as an arrangement according to your preference.

Here are the featured products of the category...

Galaxy Tulips in Vase

20 iconic Galaxy Tulips in a 18x14 cm glass vase…

Galaxy Tulips Bouquet

Galaxy Tulips, the most original form of tulips, are with you as a bouquet wrapped in luxury paper if you wish...

Andromeda Galaxy Tulips Arrangement

An arrangement designed with 10 special Galaxy Tulips and 2 purple anthuriums and green leaves in a glass vase…

Aquarius Orchid Galaxy Tulips Bouquet

The magnificent harmony of Orchids and Galaxy Tulips…

Galaxy Tulips in a Name-Specific Vase

Customize your Galaxy Tulips!

Lollipop Galaxy Tulip Pink Tulip Chrysanthemum Bouquet

Accompanying 8 special Galaxy Tulips, 8 pink tulips, blue chrysanthemums, wax greens, feathers and fenix leaves and greenery around them…

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