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5 Rare Known Facts About Tulips


Our favorite flowers tulips are just like a symbol of Spring season.

Tulips are usually giving as a gift because of their cheerful and warm style. Tulips are one the most known and populer flowers of all time. But beside that, most of us don’t know the rare things about tulips.

In this article, we talked about rare known facts about tulips.

Tulips Are From Central Asia

Tulips grow mainly in the wilderness of Central Asia, in the mountains and meadows. It is thought that it was first cultivated in Istanbul in the 11th century.

Tulips, which became a symbol of the Ottoman Empire in a short time, also gained an important place in literature, painting, music and other branches of art.

Tulips Can Be Any Color Except Blue

We are familiar with tulips in different colors that appeal to all tastes and eyes. Tulips have a wide color scale from yellow to purple, from white to almost black. Except for one color…

It is impossible to see blue colored tulips. There are already lilac or purple tulips close to blue, a rare color in other flower types.


There Are More Than 3000 Types of Tulips

 Tulips have an appearance that everyone can easily distinguish. But that still doesn't mean they all look the same.

Tulips, which have over 75 different species discovered so far, have about 3000 different species.

Tulips, which can be in different forms and shapes as well as the classic cup shape, can sometimes be found in pairs.

When You Cut Tulips, They Keep Growing

Another interesting fact about tulips is that you can't stop them from growing.

If you've ever bought a bouquet of tulips, you might have noticed that although the stems have been cut and shortened, they seem quite long in length. The reason for this is that tulips are very sensitive to the sun and grow rapidly when they come into contact with the sun. So much so that at night, when there is no sun, tulips close their flowers.

Tulips Can Be Eaten

If you like to create wonders in the kitchen, you can easily use tulips in your recipes. Tulips will come in handy especially if you want to capture a unique taste in cakes, desserts and cocktails. But first, you should know if you are sensitive to tulips.

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