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2022's Trend Colour is Pantone Very Peri


The world famous color authority Pantone has determined the color of the year 2022. The new color, which stands out as “the happiest and warmest of blue tones”, was named “Very Peri”. With the global developments that have affected the world in the past years, Pantone announced that they are concentrating on works that intersect both the digital and physical worlds. It was stated that the color draws attention to how the isolation process has changed the world.

Presented as a new undertone of periwinkle blue, Very Peri color also has the feature of being the first color created by the company from scratch. Very Peri, which is also very loved by celebrities, has been used by famous names since past years. The color, which is said to increase in popularity by 2022, not only inspires calmness, but also carries the excitement of red.

Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman expressed her thoughts with these words, "Finding a new color was really important to us. PANTONE 17-3938 Very Fairy selection brings a new perspective and vision to the trusted and loved blue color family. Very Peri, creativity and He exhibits a lively, cheerful demeanor and a dynamic stance that encourages creative expression."

Last year, two different colors were announced as the color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute; Ultimate Gray, which is a sub-tone of gray, and “Illuminating”, a bright subtype of yellow.

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