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What Are Christmas Decorations? What to Buy as a Christmas Gift?

New Year's Eve, where we will relieve the tiredness of the year and say "hello" to peaceful days, is very special for all of us. Parties, celebrations and preparations for the day, which will pass in warm crowds, have also begun. In mind, "What are the Christmas decorations?", "What kind of gifts should be received on New Year's Eve?" circulating questions. As we will answer these questions, we have great suggestions for you.

New Year's decorations consist of unique designs that have high energy and will add beauty to the excitement of the new year. Let's examine together our product range, where you can make special touches to places with the difference of Ribbon Flowers.

What Are Christmas Decorations?
If you don't know where to start when buying Christmas decorations, let's count the products for you, from the entrance of your home to the table decoration: ornate trees,
Special design door ornaments, colorful flowers, Candles to warm your heart. Let's take a closer look at these products.

Christmas Pine Tree
Looking forward to adding joy to your home for a year, the Christmas pine tree is ready for the party with its fresh pomegranate and illuminated costume!

These trees, which will be the star of the night, are specially designed with Ribbon Flowers and you do not need to buy extra ornaments. On trees sprinkled with pomegranates for luck; natural cones and cinnamon sticks were also used. Moreover, its sparkling lights have vibrant colors that will increase your energy.


Christmas Door Decoration
While welcoming your guests, start to experience the excitement of the new year at the door! The New Year's door decoration winks at your guests with its illuminated design and eye-catching beauty and does not neglect to give clues about the unique decoration of the night. Fresh flowers, golden light balls and special touches of the most beautiful shade of green… You will not want to take these products out of your door the rest of the year!

Christmas Flowers
Flowers are ready to be the star of the new year as they enter every environment naively! The New Year's arrangement, which you can choose for New Year's decorations, has been specially designed to change the atmosphere of your table. The crawfish pot, anastasias that integrate with pink peonies and bronze dried flowers have a unique design that you will not see anywhere else.

Christmas Candles
While relieving the stress of the past year, you also need candles that will balance your energy, calm you down and add romantic touches to the atmosphere. New Year's candles are a must for the night with their special scent and crimson design! The light of candles, which you can use in table decoration or in different corners of your home, will relax your soul and take away your stress.

What Are Christmas Tree Decorations?
Christmas tree decorations are specially designed objects that will add color to natural pine trees and make your guests feel the New Year's atmosphere. These products are usually designed as luminous balls to make the tree stand out. However, to add color to the night, you can also make small touches to the tree, which you will decorate with different balls, with special ornaments such as evil eye beads and pomegranate. Let's get to know the decorations of the Christmas trees better and give you tips on how to choose.

Christmas Balls
Christmas balls are generally designed with red and gold colors. We can say that these are the colors that best suit today's concept. The balls, dazzling with their brightness, can be easily placed on every layer of the tree due to their small size. You can also choose different colors such as pink and orange if you wish. Let's say that you will make the most beautiful look with red-gold-gray colors.

Christmas Tree Light
We should not overshadow the trees, which are the unique symbol of New Year's celebrations, with other ornaments. Therefore, do not forget to buy the ornaments that will give you a sparkling look. The Christmas tree light is designed with colors that will bring the tree to the fore.

You can choose between led fixtures or flashing balls. The lights of gold and red balls make the colors of the night suitable for the concept. It also creates a unique angle in photo frames and allows you to capture the best memories of the night.

What Are the Options for New Year's Gifts?
Every year there are memories of pain, experiences, happy moments and new people. Of course, we do not expect to see everyone with whom we have memories together in the next year. However, we all have special people in our lives and we should both thank them for the days we spent and give messages to see them with us in the coming days. The best way to give these messages is to make special selections among the new year gifts.

Christmas Concept Boxes
Who wouldn't be happy with a box of gifts? Even if it is filled with Christmas decorations, specially designed and combined with unique tastes. The Christmas concept box was designed exactly to meet these expectations. Inside;

  • non-alcoholic champagne,
  • gold cones,
  • burgundy anastasias,

There are orchids, roses and many more gift items.


You can gift these boxes with fresh flowers and Christmas objects to anyone you love.

Christmas Gift Chocolate Box
Do you need romantic touches in gift selection? Christmas gift chocolate box; It was designed with roses, pomegranates and chocolate that will make you forget its taste. Both stylish and romantic, this box makes a difference among Christmas gifts and stands out with its design that will make everyone happy.

How to Decorate the Christmas Table?
Of course, you need to carefully decorate the table where you will remember the past days and where the conversation and laughter will not be missing. How about setting an unforgettable table while decorating the New Year's table?

In order not to tire you out, Ribbon Flowers has prepared a decoration set and brought together unique products. You don't need to think extra and make an effort as this set contains every product you need. Decorate your table practically without getting tired and spend this beautiful night with your loved ones.


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